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Uno Chat Rooms

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uno MyCooldude

Chat Room - 4 users - 27 minutes ago - current topic:  [+CHPTnt 10:30s] Welcome to the MyCooldude UNO! Game room, to start a game, type " !uno ", type " Jo " to join a game, type " !remove " to remove yourself from the game, type " !stop " to stop the game, and finally type " !unocmds " for list of more commands. The bot's nick is " Uno " (NOTE: bug cooldude if the bot looks like it is not online)
Category: Uno Chat Rooms

uno ScoutLink

Chat Room - 23 users - 25 minutes ago - current topic:  Welcome to #uno | To start a game, type .uno | If you joined a game and have to leave type "quit", this will remove you from the game. | For help see or type .unohelp | Uno Bot Status: Online | Issues? Ping yorick (in this channel, not in pm) ) |
Category: Uno Chat Rooms

#uno freenode

Chat Room - 28 users - 36 minutes ago - current topic:  Welcome to uno on IRC! | Channel rules: | Due to PM spam, please register with NickServ to PM jenni | To start a game type '.uno' | 2 or more players needed | For help, game rules, and examples: | Please visit our sister channels, ##news, ##weather and ##science
Category: Uno Chat Rooms

uno Caelestia

Chat Room - 3 users - 33 minutes ago - current topic:  A friendly game of Uno. | /cs info #uno for URL to the commands and rules| Hands may be shown in server window. | Ask room members for help if needed. Bot will join after approx 30 seconds after 1st join, if none else join | Have fun! Please tell my owner when my connection die
Category: Uno Chat Rooms

uno IdleChat

Chat Room - 4 users - 29 minutes ago - current topic:  Welcome to UNO! - Be Courteous at all times - Type !start to start a game(if its not already started) & join (to join it) | Only need 1 Person to play but up to 10 players can play. | !unocmds - Shows all commands for the game | Confused? check out
Category: Uno Chat Rooms

uno Koach.Com

Chat Room - 3 users - 28 minutes ago - current topic:  !topic UNO Game Channel - Type !uno to get started. All commands can be found here: Player commands: jo-join, ca-display your cards, pl- play card (pl g7), cd-show current card, dr-draw, co-change color, pa-pass, ct-count cards, st-stats
Category: Uno Chat Rooms

nintendo-uno ChatSpike

Chat Room - 2 users - 33 minutes ago - current topic: | The person with the most Uno Points Won gets the "Uno Champion" rank! | [00:43:41] A new game of Uno is starting in #nintendo-uno! | [04:58:20] Hero wins!
Category: Nintendo Uno Chat Rooms AllredNC-IRC

Chat Room - 6 users - 35 minutes ago - current topic:  Commands: !uno !stop !remove [nick] !unowon [nick] !unocmds | Stats: !unotop10 [games|wins|21] !unotop3last !unostats !unorecords | Card Commands: jo=join pl=play dr=draw pa=pass co=color ca=cards cd=card tu=turn od=order ct=count st=stats ti=time
Category: Games Uno Chat Rooms

uno DALnet

Chat Room - 34 users - 35 minutes ago - current topic:  **Welcome to UNO!. Please KEEP IT English** | No:Repeating,Flooding,Advertising,Inviting. | Need HELP? Ask an op OR type !unocmds in CHANNEL. (YOU idle for 2 minutes) You'll be removed by OPS. (We're capable to pick the needed Ops)
Category: Uno Chat Rooms

uno CrushAndRun

Chat Room - 2 users - 32 minutes ago - current topic:  Query "Loc-Nar: help uno" for help. Also see | Game might be slightly buggy and rigged while we work on it. |
Category: Uno Chat Rooms

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