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Lost Chat Rooms

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Lost SimosNap

Chat Room - 3 users - current topic:  "Si vive insieme, si muore soli." "L'universo trova sempre il modo di correggere la rotta." "Facile non vuol dire migliore." "Non confondere le coincidenze con la fede." "Everything happens for a reason. - Ogni cosa accade per una ragione."
Category: Lost Chat Rooms

Lost OnlineGamesNet

Chat Room - 2 users - current topic:  Welkom bij LOST Pegasus
Category: Lost Chat Rooms

#coronavirus freenode

Chat Room - 265 users - 118 minutes ago - current topic:  Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV (SARS-CoV-2) | Disease: COVID-19 | SELF ISOLATE: IF YOU HAVE SUDDENLY LOST SMELL / TASTE | SUBSTANTIVE DISCUSSION only - ##coronavirus-vox for jokes, speculation, philosophical reflection, moral support, debates etc |Archive - ##coronalinks | | | Stats:
Category: Corona Chat Rooms

bestc Snoonet

Chat Room - 4 users - 97 minutes ago - current topic:  #bestc is the IRC equivalent of a statue commemorating a historical battle that once took place here. This is where users fought, lost and still gained. Feel free to spam memes, colors or talk amongst yourselves | Kill and Befriend ducks | Channel brought to you by Vanessa Carlton’s labia |
Category: Best Chat Rooms

linux AnonOps

Chat Room - 41 users - 117 minutes ago - current topic:  Welcome to #Linux | Discussion and help on GNU/Linux/Unix | GNU/Linux map ~> | THIS IS NOT KALI OR PENTESTING SUPPORT | Want to make your Linux Experience even better ? grep some Ideas ~> | Check out #virtual for virtualisation help || || Feel lost? Try
Category: Linux Chat Rooms

lost LibraIRC

Chat Room - 11 users - 105 minutes ago - current topic:  Don't delay your beautiful dreams, as dreams grow bigger and bend perfectly like a human!!
Category: Lost Chat Rooms

Help Canternet

Chat Room - 22 users - 115 minutes ago - current topic:  Official help channel of Canternet | | To register a nick : /msg NickServ help register | To group a nick, /msg nickserv help group | Lost password? /msg nickserv SENDPASS | State your question and people will answer eventually (It might take 10 or so minutes)

thehackables freenode

Chat Room - 4 users - 118 minutes ago - current topic:  General chat channel for podcast | Episode 7 – The Lost Audio | Tekkit Server: | This is not an official LHS channel, expect trolling, bad language and in-jokes. | "#thehackables, for when #london-hack-space is scrolling too fast to read"

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