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Category:  Computers  >  Programming  >  Code

owncloud-testing freenode

Chat Room - 4 users - current topic:  ownCloud testing team | Help us to improve your setup by joining: | automatic tests: | Testplan available at | Help us to improve test code coverage
Category: ownCloud Chat Rooms

absolinux freenode

Chat Room - 13 users - current topic:  Bienvenue sur ce chan (en utf-8) lié à où vous pouvez vous inscrire également. Linuxiens débutants ou confirmés, posez ici vos questions sur GNU/Linux ou sur Unix. Merci de coller vos sorties écran ou vos lignes de code sur et de respecter les règles courantes de bon sens.
Category: Linux Chat Rooms

jqueryui-dev freenode

Chat Room - 12 users - current topic:  jQuery UI & Mobile development (support at #jquery, core dev at #jquery-dev) Overview: - meeting at Wednesday, 12pm ET, in #jquery-meeting - Agenda: | Code of Conduct: | This channel is publicly logged to
Category: jQuery Development Chat Rooms

django freenode

Chat Room - 372 users - current topic:  Welcome to #django || Please provide code and __full__ traceback in a pastebin || Pastebin at: -- do not use! || Django CoC applies: || Django 3.1 Released
Category: Django Chat Rooms

fwul freenode

Chat Room - 6 users - current topic:  mAid - [m]anage [A]ndro[i][d]. An Android user LIVE ISO experience without driver issues! Home: || Git repo / issue tracker || TG FWUL group: || TG SALT group:

nethack-dev freenode

Chat Room - 24 users - current topic:  NetHack development channel targeting the vanilla codebase as well as general discussion | Variant-specific commentary/discussion should go to the appropriate variant channel. | Official 3.6.0 source: | Vanilla development repository: git clone
Category: NetHack Development Chat Rooms

freeswitch-fr freenode

Chat Room - 3 users - current topic:  Bienvenue sur #FreeSWITCH-FR Votre source d'aide et d'informations FreeSWITCH. Téléchargez: Pastebin: Code: Documentation: Pour signaler un bug:
Category: FreeSWITCH France Chat Rooms

gridcoin-help Snoonet

Chat Room - 2 users - current topic:  [GRC] Welcome to Gridcoin's Offical Un-Offical Help Channel!!! The current gridcoinresearchd clients are v4.0.0.0 for Windows & v4.0.0.0 for *nix| Rewarding BOINC Contribution's | A Homepage @ & Source Code is availiable @

overviewer freenode

Chat Room - 42 users - current topic:  The Overviewer | Github: code> | Docs: | If no one is around, stay for a while—I promise we're here! | 0.16 | Slightly Overcast | Celeste.tiff | 𓂸 | Mein Freund, 468-488

virtualmin freenode

Chat Room - 14 users - current topic:  Welcome to #virtualmin! This channel is for community support of Virtualmin Pro and GPL. All are welcome to hang out and ask questions. Not everyone is in the same timezone, responses may not be immediate. You can receive official support at See our code of conduct here:

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