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BNC Chat Rooms

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bnc MyCooldude

Chat Room - 11 users - 51 minutes ago - current topic:  Welcome to the MyCooldude ZNC channel request room, if you want a ZNC account on my IRC network, ask me 'cooldude' if you want one, and i will be more then happy to set you up one, however, i allow my BNC services outside this network, but it requires a charge of $15 a month per network, ask me for more info about this! (NOTE: do NOT part this channel if you have a ZNC)
Category: BNC Chat Rooms

ogn-bnc OnlineGamesNet

Chat Room - 60 users - 50 minutes ago - current topic:  OGN BNC channel - ZNC for Gameforge community. For bouncer registrations or support write your problem to OGNBNCServ (/obs YOURPROBLEM) / For general questions visit our wiki | Do not query Ops (@) without permisson [-#OGN-BNC-support: - ] All languages are allowed. This channel is international!
Category: BNC Chat Rooms

Bnc IRCLuxe.RU

Chat Room - 2 users - 54 minutes ago - current topic:  Официальный сервис BNC сети IRCLuxe.RU <> Чтобы получить bnc, оставьте заявку на этом канале с помощью команды +bnc (либо обратитесь на ник Estet).
Category: BNC Chat Rooms


Chat Room - 2 users - 47 minutes ago - current topic:  San Andreas IRC Network BNC Channel | Legacy BNC Panel: | We are unable to supply BNCs at the current time. Please use
Category: BNC Chat Rooms

bnc WeNet

Chat Room - 10 users - 42 minutes ago - current topic:       === [ Канал выдачи BNC аккаунтов ] === [ ZNC sBNC psyBNC ] === [ Правила выдачи и использования - !правила ] === ===  
Category: BNC Chat Rooms

bnc Atrum

Chat Room - 2 users - 64 minutes ago - current topic:  Atrum BNC Support Channel | Please pvt fppe for more info | BNC Configuration to be changed soon!! Please be aware of changes by idling in this channel.
Category: BNC Chat Rooms

zairc-bnc ZAIRC

Chat Room - 8 users - 41 minutes ago - current topic:  ZAIRC BNC Channel | Server Status: OFFLINE | Note: This BNC only connects to ZAIRC. | Type !request to request a BNC account.
Category: BNC Chat Rooms

Bnc EFnet

Chat Room - 14 users - 66 minutes ago - current topic:  Hide Your IP Is Important Take a BNC ---> & & & & &
Category: BNC Chat Rooms

bnc PonyChat

Chat Room - 25 users - current topic:  The room for PonyChat's BNC | ;help ;request ;rules | | For in-bnc help: /msg ?admin Help
Category: BNC Chat Rooms

OGN-BNC-support OnlineGamesNet

Chat Room - 3 users - 50 minutes ago - current topic:  Do not query OPS (@) without their permission. Idling in #OGN-BNC-support is forbidden. | Don't interfere in other users.
Category: BNC Chat Rooms

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