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Category:  Art

art EFnet

Chat Room - 42 users - 54 minutes ago - current topic:  w/IRCnet|traditional & pixel, sculpture & three-dimensional art| #graphics #ASCII #ASCIIart #ANSI #IRCart #comics |IRCnet #pixel
Category: Art Chat Rooms

#art Libera.Chat

Chat Room - 17 users - 54 minutes ago - current topic:  welcome to ##art | a mural in buenos aires
Category: Art Chat Rooms

algerie EuropNet

Chat Room - 3 users - 46 minutes ago - current topic:  All«««««««««««««««« bienvenu à vous adeptes de la bonne humeur ,de l'art de la discussion et du savoir vivre,,, passez de bons moments dans ce salon, salon d'échange et de partage, , dans le respect et la bonne entente///..bon tchat »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» aya Ga3 One Two Tree , Viva Algerie _C*_
Category: Algeria Chat Rooms

port5742 Libera.Chat

Chat Room - 5 users - 54 minutes ago - current topic:  Host TCP Port 5742 -- As seen in that university exam where I forgot to do a project and presented my procrastination and they looked at me like 'okay wtf but is that really gonna be worthwhile I don't see it' as I explained the theory and then I demoed it and they went A+ this needs to be in an art museum

/mlp/drawthread Rizon

Chat Room - 3 users - 54 minutes ago - current topic:  /mlp/'s Draw Thread | Thread: | Stream: | Dropbox: | Tumblr: | /mlpic/ Thread: use drawthread for now | you're art a shit! : D

gemini-it Libera.Chat

Chat Room - 11 users - 54 minutes ago - current topic:  Community Gemini italiana | gemini:// | | | | Se è la prima volta che ti colleghi al canale, ci farebbe piacere sapere con quale pronome chiamarti e se hai una capsula Gemini

art Snoonet

Chat Room - 1 users - 33 minutes ago - current topic:  Welcome to /r/art! Say "Respectfullyyours" if you need help, and I'll come by if I'm around!
Category: Art Chat Rooms

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