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Chat Room - 189 users - 93 minutes ago - known since 2014-07-20 - current topic:  GNU Guix |​ https:/​/​gnu.​org/​s/​guix/​ |​ 0.​15.​0 is out! https:/​/​gnu.​org/​s/​guix/​blog/​2018/​gnu-guix-and-guixsd-0.​15.​0-released |​ videos: https:/​/​gnu.​org/​s/​guix/​blog/​tags/​talks/​ |​ bugs: https:/​/​bugs.​gnu.​org/​guix |​ patches: https:/​/​bugs.​gnu.​org/​guix-patches |​ paste: https:/​/​paste.​debian.​net |​ log: https:/​/​gnunet.​org/​bot/​log/​guix |​ Guix in high-performance computing: https:/​/​hpc.​guixsd.​org

Category:  Computers  >  Software  >  Development

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