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Gentoo Webchat: gentoo-chat freenode

Chat Room - 187 users - 149 minutes ago - known since 2013-10-17 - current topic:  Welcome to ​#Gentoo-Chat |​ Please read our Code of Conduct: https:/​/​gchat.​gentooligans.​com |​ Say congRATS to Smiley |​ To obtain Griz's seekrit notes file,​ see https:/​/​memleek.​org/​griz.​txt |​ CoC new rule sneak preview: "The channel is not a podium for promoting your political agenda or recruiting followers for your cult - don't use it as such.​" |​ Can't speak? /​msg NickServ help register

Category:  Computers  >  Operating Systems  >  Linux  >  Gentoo

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