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Fantasy Webchat: fantasy-ooc EsperNet

Chat Room - 7 users - 72 minutes ago - known since 2014-12-04 - current topic:  Welcome to Fantasy RPG,​ a roleplay channel on Esper.​ Check your sanity at the door.​ http:/​/​i967.​photobucket.​com/​albums/​ae152/​whispersoblivion/​welcometofirpg-1.​png Map of main RPG area: http:/​/​oi53.​tinypic.​com/​s151t0.​jpg Site: http:/​/​fantasy-island.​forumotion.​com/​ Kyttaens love playing with Minds on the Rugdra.​

Category:  Art  >  Genres  >  Fantasy

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