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Chat Room - 44 users - 43 minutes ago - known since 2015-01-23 - current topic:  BUGS GO HERE: http:/​/​www.​bay12games.​com/​dwarves/​mantisbt/​main_​page.​php |​|​ http:/​/​bay12games.​com/​dwarves/​ Dwarf Fortress 0.​43.​05 - DF finally goes 64-bit! No,​ it won't run faster.​ |​|​ Toady has a Patreon?! https:/​/​www.​patreon.​com/​bay12games |​|​ https:/​/​a.​pomf.​cat/​rsafxe.​png |​|​ <mikehail> its interesting how much incidental action your entire mouth gets,​ not just your teeth

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