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China Chat Rooms

China Undernet

Chat Room - 3 users - 92 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to #china:a non-govermental/non-military channel for the people and fans of China.Enjoy your stay and remember:use Chinese or English ONLY!
Category: China Chat Rooms

china DALnet

Chat Room - 14 users - 92 minutes ago - current topic: |Services |Online| Welcome To DALnet #China
Category: China Chat Rooms

TropicalWeather Snoonet

Chat Room - 70 users - 77 minutes ago - current topic: [+ACFJLTfjnrtx 3:60 21 #winterwx 10:60 20:5 10:4] /r/TropicalWeather: Keeping an Eye on hurricanes. | Tropical Storm Kirogi is active in the South China Sea and will make landfall in Vietnam over the weekend. A rare tropical-like cyclone named Numa is active in the Mediterranean Sea. | Discord:
Category: Weather Chat Rooms

china EFnet

Chat Room - 7 users - 89 minutes ago - current topic: The swedish-chinese celebrate the Swedish national day again! :: Nihao & behave
Category: China Chat Rooms

China KampungChat

Chat Room - 2 users - 82 minutes ago - current topic: ALL KNOWLEDGE HURTS
Category: China Chat Rooms

kde-cn freenode

Chat Room - 14 users - 92 minutes ago - current topic: 欢迎来 kde 中文聊天频道 || KDE 二十周年活动 || KDE APP 16.08.3 || kf5 5.27.0 || plasma 5.8.3 || Telegram: || XMPP:
Category: KDE China Chat Rooms

china Saurik

Chat Room - 2 users - 78 minutes ago - current topic: No topic
Category: China Chat Rooms

china Azzurra

Chat Room - 2 users - 90 minutes ago - current topic: No topic
Category: China Chat Rooms

qt-cn freenode

Chat Room - 7 users - 92 minutes ago - current topic: 邮件列表!forum/qt-china | QtCN论坛 | 水木社区KDE_Qt板!board/KDE_Qt
Category: Qt China Chat Rooms

Shire SorceryNet

Chat Room - 2 users - 76 minutes ago - current topic: Trump in a nutshell: "How can you blame China for taking advantage of people that had no clue? I would've done same!" says it all, doesn't it?

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