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eUNL Rizon

Chat Room - 19 users - 31 minutes ago - current topic: The official channel of the Netherlands! +v for eNL citizens Country President: odan Forum: http:/​/​enetherlands.​nl IRC-Rules: http:/​/​tinyurl.​com/​rules01 Wiki: http:/​/​tinyurl.​com/​eNLwiki|​ irc help: http:/​/​tinyurl.​com/​eNLirc1 |​ Make sure to identify your nick! not an eNL citizen? ask permission before posting links!

routing Rizon

Chat Room - 18 users - 31 minutes ago - current topic: If you believe your server/​staff are exceptional feel free to submit an application at http:/​/​s.​rizon.​net/​linkapp |​ Upon applying for a link,​ please wait as your application is reviewed.​ We will contact you once completed.​
Category: Computers Chat Rooms

chan Rizon

Chat Room - 18 users - 31 minutes ago - current topic: A psychology student in New York rented out her spare room to a carpenter in order to nag him constantly and study his reactions.​ After weeks of needling,​ he snapped and beat her repeatedly with an ax leaving her mentally retarded.​

DDY-Recruits Rizon

Chat Room - 17 users - 31 minutes ago - current topic: This is not an idling channel! |​ Leave a message here and wait patiently,​ someone will eventually get to you.​

eRepublik-Deutschland.​de Rizon

Chat Room - 16 users - 31 minutes ago - current topic: Our Website: www.​eRepublik-Deutschland.​de - We need you: We are looking for translators! - TS3: 178.​63.​83.​14:9987 - Latest News: Working on an IRC Bot (http:/​/​bit.​ly/​28Y4Zet) - eRepublik Newsfeed: ​#erepublik.​live
Category: eRepublik Germany Chat Rooms

Casino Rizon

Chat Room - 16 users - 31 minutes ago - current topic: ♥♦♣♠ Welcome to ​#Casino! Slots,​ Blackjack,​ coin,​ and dice are played here through Murasa.​ Everyone gets money at start,​ and $10000 an hour after you lose everything.​ |​|​ For help: ;help <game name>.​ To check your balance: ;casino balance |​|​ Not bug-free yet.​ |​|​ have fun and enjoy your stay! ♠♣♦♥
Category: Casino Chat Rooms

allthefallen Rizon

Chat Room - 15 users - 31 minutes ago - current topic: Unofficial IRC! Rules: http:/​/​pastebin.​com/​iTKcZs08 |​ No IRL images or video allowed at all with the exception of viral media,​ follow irc etiquette http:/​/​pastebin.​com/​ZBpSntkB |​ There's now an RP room! ​#atfad

FansubDB Rizon

Chat Room - 13 users - 31 minutes ago - current topic: FansubDB ~ http:/​/​fansubdb.​com/​ |​ "Yep,​ still doing this shit" Edition |​ Want your group added to the list,​ but don't want to sign up for an account? Just state the changes in the channel.​

solus Rizon

Chat Room - 12 users - 31 minutes ago - current topic: We pay $0.​99 per post plus an extra $0.​50 per comment and $0.​25 per (you) received.​ /​/​ https:/​/​www.​change.​org/​p/​ikey-name-the-next-solus-version-kevin /​/​ https:/​/​friendpaste.​com/​616X9M7XNlfRm9Rdu92EwE

linustechtips Rizon

Chat Room - 11 users - 31 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to the unnofficial (formerly official) Linus Tech Tips IRC Channel |​ http:/​/​www.​linustechtips.​com |​ Please wait at least 60 minutes for an answer before leaving! |​ Currently Managed By Cajs - Nice to meet you!

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