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archlinux freenode

Chat Room - 1674 users - 40 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to Arch Linux World Domination,​ Inc.​ <+> https:/​/​goo.​gl/​RTNYd7 <+> Channel rules: https:/​/​goo.​gl/​fkksz9 <+> Pastebins: https:/​/​ptpb.​pw https:/​/​gist.​github.​com https:/​/​bpaste.​net <+> Become an official Arch Tester: https:/​/​goo.​gl/​3uvJQk <+> 2016-12-11 19:00 UTC ​#archlinux-classroom package building class!
Category: Arch Linux Chat Rooms

emacs freenode

Chat Room - 982 users - 40 minutes ago - current topic: Please help the FSF meet its 2016 funding goal: https:/​/​fsf.​org/​appeal |​ Please read emacswiki.​org/​EmacsChannel |​ If muted,​ PM an op (see /​cs ACCESS ​#emacs LIST) |​ Emacs questions take priority over off-topic chatter,​ so ask! |​ No public logging! What happens in ​#emacs stays in ​#emacs |​ No racism,​ sexism,​ xenophobia,​ botwanking,​ or other asshattery
Category: Emacs Chat Rooms

nginx freenode

Chat Room - 898 users - 40 minutes ago - current topic: nginx [engine x] is primarily an HTTP and reverse proxy server.​ ​#nginx is IRC Community and Support; welcome! Do not ASK to ask- just ask- a specific,​ clear,​ concise question/​goal; and be patient awaiting responses.​ Pasting/​Sharing *​only*​ via <http:/​/​p.​ngx.​cc>.​ Versions: [Stable: 1.​10.​2] [Mainline: 1.​11.​6] (​#nginx publicly logged)
Category: Nginx Chat Rooms

ethereum freenode

Chat Room - 328 users - 40 minutes ago - current topic: !!!ATTENTION: people have been impersonating Ethereum staff.​ Please note: we will NEVER advise you on an investment,​ ask for private keys etc.​ Be careful !!! Topic: Ξthereum General Channel - http:/​/​forum.​ethereum.​org/​ |​|​ Dev chat -> ​#ethereum-dev |​|​ Trading chat -> ​#ethereum-markets |​|​ Off-topic -> ​#​#ethereum |​|​ Mining -> ​#ethereum-mining

archlinux-arm freenode

Chat Room - 308 users - 40 minutes ago - current topic: Arch Linux ARM - An Arch Linux port for plug computers and all ARM devices - http:/​/​archlinuxarm.​org
Category: Arch Linux ARM Chat Rooms

rdo freenode

Chat Room - 283 users - 40 minutes ago - current topic: RDO: An OpenStack Distribution for CentOS/​Fedora/​RHEL |​ Community meeting is held here every Wednesday at 15:00UTC |​ Please read our IRC community guidelines: http:/​/​rdoproject.​org/​IRC_​etiquette |​ Logged at http:/​/​eavesdrop.​openstack.​org/​irclogs/​%23rdo/​"

Mechboards freenode

Chat Room - 275 users - 40 minutes ago - current topic: Use your keyboard to talk to other people about keyboards.​ http:/​/​www.​reddit.​com/​r/​MechanicalKeyboards |​ Don't ask to ask,​ and wait for an answer.​ We'll get around to you.​ Also check the wiki: https:/​/​www.​reddit.​com/​r/​MechanicalKeyboards/​wiki/​index

​#slackware freenode

Chat Room - 263 users - 40 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to ​#​#slackware! Need an OP? Use !ops |​ Rules: https:/​/​phra.​gs/​rules |​ http:/​/​slackware.​com/​getslack |​ http:/​/​docs.​slackware.​com/​slackware:beginners_​guide |​ Can't speak? |​ Register/​authenticate with NickServ |​ Latest Release: Slackware 14.​2 |​ Security Updates: [2016-12-01]
Category: Slackware Chat Rooms

​#unavailable freenode

Chat Room - 241 users - 40 minutes ago - current topic: You've tried to join an unavailable channel.​ Perhaps the group was never here or has moved off-network ( http:/​/​freenode.​net/​policies​#off-topic-use ).​ Check their website for more information.​ Your client may be flapping in and out of the channel; in this case,​ check with channel ops.​ The channel may be clone-infested; please consult freenode network staff.​

monero freenode

Chat Room - 211 users - 40 minutes ago - current topic: [XMR] |​|​ Web: getmonero.​org |​|​ Forum: forum.​getmonero.​org |​|​ Price chat: ​#monero-markets |​|​ Dev: ​#monero-dev |​|​ Trading: ​#monero-otc |​|​ Pool related: ​#monero-pools |​|​ DO NOT TRADE WITH ANYONE CLAIMING TO BE A TRUSTED MEMBER OF THE COMMUNITY,​ USE AN EXCHANGE BUT NOT HITBTC.​COM ITS A SCAM FROM BYTECOIN

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