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cartoon-world Xertion

Chat Room - 52 users - 99 minutes ago - current topic: ​#Cartoon-World [Website]: http:/​/​cartoon-world.​org ONLINE [triggers] @find !new !list [XDCC Packlists]: http:/​/​cartoon-world.​org/​xdcc/​ [Tracker]: http:/​/​tracker.​cartoon-world.​org/​ [New]: AttackOnTitan17-23,​ Bleach359-366,​ BlueExorcist25,​ GurrenLagann04-09,​ OnePiece270-275,​ PokemonXY34-38,​ SpaceDandy24-26,​ TenkaiKnights40-44,​ eX-Driver OVA DVD,​ Love,​ Election and Chocolate BD1080,​ FT Part20DVD
Category: Cartoons International Chat Rooms

Chat-World GameSurge

Chat Room - 2 users - 104 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome To (​#Chat-World) Rules for Our channel are Respect Users & Operators ,​ No Discussion Over Politics,​ No Religious Discussion,​ No Discussion Over Hacking & Cracking,​ No Harrasement,​ No Flooding,​ No Spamming,​ and Most Important No Advertisement.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​Team
Category: International Chat Rooms

chat-world DALnet

Chat Room - 123 users - 106 minutes ago - current topic: ENGLISH only please!​#Chat-World is in Auditorium (+A) mode - unless you are using a registered nick or have ident working (no ~ in your ident) you will be unable to talk.​ Stats @ www.​on-irc.​org/​chat-world.​html
Category: International Chat Rooms

Europe-World MindForge

Chat Room - 24 users - 102 minutes ago - current topic: •••••Welcome to the global European - World.​ All Languages and all gentle People,​ from all over the world,​ are welcome here.​ Be nice and friendly,​ or you will be sent to HELL :) •••••{Topic By Asterix & Evo-Man}
Category: Europe International Chat Rooms

world-chat DALnet

Chat Room - 41 users - 106 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to ​#World-Chat ,​ the Ultimate Global Friends Channel on DALnet .​ Please Feel Free to Meet and Make as Much Friends as You Can! Just Be Cool and Have Fun! :-) for help join ​#helpstaff
Category: International Chat Rooms

World-of-Dungeons euIRC

Chat Room - 7 users - 105 minutes ago - current topic: www.​World-of-Dungeons.​de - Bestehe mit deinen Gefährten spannende Fantasy-Abenteuer im Webbrowser und werde reich an Erfahrung,​ Schätzen und Ruhm.​ Chat Regeln: [post:16442685]
Category: World of Dungeons Chat Rooms

Chat-World Undernet

Chat Room - 59 users - 108 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to ​#Chat-world.​ *​*​English only*​*​,​ please no political or religious chat in the main room.​ Enjoy your stay with us - no sex channels :)
Category: International Chat Rooms

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