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help DigitalIRC

Chat Room - 5 users - current topic: Official Digital IRC help channel |​ We can't undo channel bans |​ IRC network help only |​ You can ask for statserv to be assigned to you're channel here |​ For vhosts you must prove you own that domain if it is valid |​ Please join ​#bnc for a free bouncer on Digital IRC |​ Reset nickserv password http:/​/​goo.​gl

VHost IRCHighWay

Chat Room - 21 users - current topic: IRCHighway vHost Request: /​hostserv request your.​vhost |​ Activation: /​hostserv on |​ Read the channel's on-join notice! |​ Registered nick required to apply.​ New vHost only if current one is older than 14 days! |​ VHosts can take up to 72h to approve.​ Request for early approval =​ >:( |​ DO NOT IDLE
Category: Virtualization Chat Rooms

asd AustNet

Chat Room - 8 users - current topic: [AustNet Services Department - Services Questions Only] To REGISTER: /​NickOP Register PASSWORD EMAIL@ADDRESS.​HERE |​ To IDENTIFY: /​Identify YOURPASSWORD |​ AustNet is offering FREE vHosts! Read the vHost guidelines and find out more about your network,​ please visit https:/​/​www.​austnet.​im

vhost GreekIRC

Chat Room - 3 users - current topic: .​::(GreekIRC's Vhost Channel)::.​ Apply for vhost: msg Your.​Desired.​Vhost in the channel :: /​hs on :: Rules: (1) No Government,​ Military,​ Educational,​ Law enforcement (2) No *​GreekIRC*​ vhosts (3) No offensive language (4) No vhosts that impersonate network staff (5) No resolving hosts.​"
Category: Virtualization Chat Rooms

vhost CakeForceUK

Chat Room - 5 users - current topic: CakeForceUK IRC vHost Requesting Channel |​ Request Via here or /​hs request |​ Domain vhosts: Please prove that you own the domain |​ vHosts: You do not require .​vhost on the end.​ And it must be suitable,​ with no rude words.​ |​ Please no Idling! Staff are allowed to monitor this channel.​
Category: Virtualization Chat Rooms

operhelp P2PChat

Chat Room - 7 users - current topic: Oper Help Channel : For Vhosts use this command: /​hostserv request your.​vhost |​ You can also request a free ZNC bouncer here |​ For GENERAL IRC Help,​ /​join ​#help,​ This Channel is ONLY for help that requires an oper.​ |​ Remember there are no stupid questions,​ just stupid people :D


Chat Room - 1 users - current topic: Um einen vHost zu beantragen benutze den Befehl /​hs help request.​ Bitte beachte das alle vHosts die Endung .​scn haben muessen.​
Category: Virtualization Chat Rooms


Chat Room - 10 users - current topic: Welcome to Station51 Help channel for IRC related questions.​ /​ Ask your question and please be patient.​ /​ Need help from an IRCop? (We can't help with channel bans!) /​ For Vhosts : ​#vhost /​ To test if your SSL is working,​ join: ​#securetest /​ This is not ​#gft-support

IRCHelp RootWorlD

Chat Room - 7 users - current topic: ~ ​#IRCHelp ~ Canale di aiuto della network.​ Porre la domanda ed aspettare.​ NON si aiuta su xdcc/​bots.​ ~ Per i vhosts digitare !vhost vhost.​da.​richiedere ~ Accesso SSL: ssl.​rootworld.​net:+9999
Category: IRC Chat Rooms

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