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Ubuntu France Development Chat Rooms

ubuntu-app-devel freenode

Chat Room - 48 users - current topic: | App development on Ubuntu: how to do it & how to make it better | Make scopes! (and apps) | --allow-untrusted | Use keyword "appdevs" to highlight developers if they're around.
Category: Ubuntu Development Chat Rooms

ubuntu-arm freenode

Chat Room - 51 users - current topic: Ubuntu ARMv7 Discussion & Development | The Pi is ARMv6, use Raspbian/armhf or Debian/armel | | Submit a Bug? | ARM cores != Instruction sets: | for Ubuntu Touch related questions see #ubuntu-touch | This channel is decent
Category: Ubuntu ARM Chat Rooms

ubuntu-bots-devel freenode

Chat Room - 5 users - current topic: Development channel for Ubuntu IRC bots | | Devel Wiki: | ubottu plugins for supybot: | For help with using the bots: #ubuntu-bots
Category: Ubuntu Development Chat Rooms

ubuntu-devel freenode

Chat Room - 314 users - current topic: Artful Released + taken down LP#1734147 | Archive: open | Devel of Ubuntu (not support or app devel) | build failures: | #ubuntu for support and discussion of trusty-artful | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu | Patch Pilots:
Category: Ubuntu Development Chat Rooms

ubuntu-gnome freenode

Chat Room - 72 users - current topic: Ubuntu GNOME Development | Please direct non-development questions or support requests to #ubuntu | Latest LTS Release: Ubuntu GNOME 16.04.3 LTS | Latest Stable Release: Ubuntu 17.10 | Download from | Pastes to
Category: Ubuntu Gnome Chat Rooms

ubuntu-installer freenode

Chat Room - 27 users - current topic: Don't ask to ask, just ask (and stick around) | Please include installer syslog with reports | | Development of d-i/ubiquity in Ubuntu | | If nobody answers, try | |
Category: Ubuntu Chat Rooms

#france freenode

Chat Room - 19 users - current topic: Emmanuel Macron est élu président avec 65.1% des voix. | Canal social pour discuter à propos de la France et du français, mais aussi de tout le reste ! | Merci de bien vouloir garder une ambiance saine et sympathique.
Category: France Chat Rooms

#ubuntu-lyon freenode

Chat Room - 5 users - current topic: Salon des ubunteros lyonnais | | Tapez !help pour obtenir de l'aide !
Category: Ubuntu Lyon Chat Rooms

minetest-france freenode

Chat Room - 4 users - current topic: Refonte du site web:
Category: France Chat Rooms

ubuntu freenode

Chat Room - 1220 users - current topic: Official Ubuntu Support Channel | IRC Guidelines: | This channel supports Ubuntu and its official flavors; versions 14.04, 16.04, 17.04, and 17.10 | Unofficial derivatives: use your distro's support channel, not here. | IRC info: | Pastes to | Download: | PM spam? /mode yournickhere +R
Category: Ubuntu Chat Rooms

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