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Toronto Chat Rooms

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toronto Snoonet

Chat Room - 46 users - current topic: Welcome to the official channel for r/toronto | It's like /new but not in a sex way | Please abide by the Snoonet rules,
Category: Toronto Chat Rooms

Toronto Undernet

Chat Room - 118 users - current topic: Welcome to #Toronto ! You can speak En/Fr/Es. Have fun & Enjoy your Stay here. Ici on parle dans la bonne humeur et le respect des autres! Bon tchat. Away=deop
Category: Toronto Chat Rooms

Toronto jaundies

Chat Room - 2 users - current topic: _¸,.»¬=椺²°`¯`°²º¤æ=¬«.,¸. -Toronto- '_¸,.»¬=椺²°`¯ `°²º¤æ=¬«.,¸. || The City is gone, but the memories aren't.
Category: Toronto Chat Rooms

cooldude13233 MyCooldude

Chat Room - 31 users - current topic: I am trying to move forward now from my own mother passing away (March 9, 1959-August 12, 2017) but my own grandfather has passed away as well (January 30, 1927-November 12, 2018), I appreciate any condolences, and I am not making this all up. CURRENT SITUATION OF THE MATTER: I moved into Toronto, but not to the place where I really want to be, please be patient with me while I figure matters for myself, best way to con

toronto synIRC

Chat Room - 17 users - current topic: ealment never ends eels
Category: Toronto Chat Rooms

/a/toronto Rizon

Chat Room - 12 users - current topic:
Category: Toronto Chat Rooms

toronto Mozilla

Chat Room - 66 users - current topic:
Category: Toronto Chat Rooms

toronto GameSurge

Chat Room - 3 users - current topic: go leafs go
Category: Toronto Chat Rooms

wikinews-feeds freenode

Chat Room - 4 users - current topic: || Feeds: Toronto Star, Xinhua, Times of India, Fox News, MSNBC, Mail & Guardian, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, etc... || Updates under a minute after source has released the information
Category: News Chat Rooms

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