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Statistics Chat Rooms

Category:  Science  >  Statistics

#TROMMods Snoonet

Chat Room - 2 users - current topic: [+CFPTfjknrtx 5:60 30:5 5:1 10:4] You are currently in ##TROMMods. The IRC room for /r/TheRealmOfMianite moderators | A list of #TheRealmOfMianite rules can be found here - | Statistics for #TheRealmOfMianite can be found here - | The subreddit equivalent to this channel can be found here - ~ The subreddit equivalent for the moderators of #TheRealmOfMianite can be found here - http://bit.l

#statistics freenode

Chat Room - 152 users - current topic: Statistical and probability questions of all types are welcome. Be patient when waiting for responses. Also check out ##machinelearning, ##bayes, #algorithms, #R
Category: Statistics Chat Rooms

Berserk Rizon

Chat Room - 5 users - current topic: Welcome to berserk paradise| Battles statistics: and | Damage Calculator: | Company Calculator: | oficial music: | Table e-sim: | Trade: and

#hostapd freenode

Chat Room - 8 users - current topic: Welcome to the unofficial hostapd wireless hotspot help channel. Please wait a while for someone to answer, in case you've waited longer than 10-30 minutes try highlighting someone but please do not over do it. If you think you could help out folks with issues please stick around. Google is your friend :)| Check out | Wi-Fi is terrible

#math freenode

Chat Room - 835 users - current topic: Due to spamming, non-registered users are currently not allowed to speak | Just ask your question! | LaTeX pastebin: | ##math-offtopic for off-topic discussion | Book list: | Also visit ##statistics | LaTeX symbol lookup: | Ping ops in ##math-ops if someone is misbehaving
Category: Mathematics Chat Rooms


Chat Room - 3 users - current topic: YAMPST is discontinued, please see for more info | All statistics access will close on November 1st | Developers: bilde2910 and Commador | Ping one of us if you have any questions, we'll answer as soon as we see your message | Website: | Twitter: @YAMPST

i3 freenode

Chat Room - 331 users - current topic: i3 v4.16 released | i3status 2.12 released | i3lock 2.11.1 released | | | | | paste at | file upload at | Container tutorial: | #i3-offtopic
Category: i3 Chat Rooms

#machinelearning freenode

Chat Room - 405 users - current topic: Machine Learning | Rules: REGISTER NICK AND IDENTIFY WITH NICKSERV. No small talk. Technical talk only. No public logging. No changing nick. Offtopic chat only in ##ml-ot and deployment chat in ##ml-deploy | About: | Related: ##AGI ##it-group #keras ##nlp #pydata #pytorch #scikit-learn ##statistics #tensorflow
Category: Education Macintosh Chat Rooms

sourceoftales-dev freenode

Chat Room - 9 users - current topic: Development channel of the Source of Tales project. Repositories: Only content development related talk here please! #mana for manasource development (Client / Server). Please go to #sourceoftales for game discussions / offtopic talk. Server statistics:
Category: Development Chat Rooms

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