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Category:  Science

mgtow Rizon

Chat Room - 3 users - 125 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to #mgtow - MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) IRC Channel - Do not cohabitate, do not marry and do not impregnate! - #mgtow has no PayPal, no Patreon, no Kickstarter etc. Be suspicious of those who ask/use paywalls/donations/subscriptions/cryptocurrency for exclusive content (MGTOW isn't rocket science). Avoid Discord (closed source and proprietary).

optraining AnonOps

Chat Room - 13 users - 122 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to #OpTraining, this channel is designed to give you challenges related to different fields of Computer Science. Total Noobs see #learninghub, #python. Challenges have been updated as of Nov 16th. || Use =challenge to start a new interactive programming challenge session || Use &challenges to start the basic challenges || Use &help and &helpme
Category: Ning Chat Rooms

#nuclear freenode

Chat Room - 3 users - current topic: The ##prepping channel is much more active - Nuclear science, technology, education, news, politics, and activism. - ITER, NIF, polywell, fission, fusion, space propulsion. - Most people would survive a nuclear attack. It's what you do after that matters. - - See also: ##prepping, ##solar, #coins, ##ebay, ##business+investing

#raskolnikov freenode

Chat Room - 7 users - current topic: ---Welcome, this channel is supposed to gather ideas, projects and people interested in science, engineering, ask and maybe someone will help or debate---- Feel Free to invite new guests that could find this interesting %%%% NEWS: Siliccon Quantum Chip READY! freenode

Chat Room - 7 users - current topic: The hacker explores the intersection of art and science in an insatiable quest to understand and shape the world around him. We guide you on this journey. ( | i think the site is one sick experiment to see how long we will hold out against the hordes of tards | CAUTION: weird people crossing!
Category: Hacking Chat Rooms

#cs freenode

Chat Room - 69 users - current topic: Computer Science & Discrete Math | DON'T ASK TO ASK, JUST ASK! | For math: #math, stats: ##statistics, programming: ##programming | CS StackExchange: CS Research: | Algorithm of the $(TIME):

testbot Subluminal

Chat Room - 12 users - 107 minutes ago - current topic: Microwave is linked the entirety of the GDPR | moth found it just keep sending me i have Excellent Business school glue edible" ~ soni | conditions: light rain, smoke-marijuana | *stifles a science major | rename #programming to generate a faggot | }, | i fail at things speci

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