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TheSpartan Rizon

Chat Room - 8 users - current topic: re den gamieste lew egw

books Rizon

Chat Room - 9 users - current topic: Welcome to #books! Tell us what you're reading.
Category: Books Chat Rooms

TheDarkOnes Rizon

Chat Room - 4 users - current topic: This is the official channel of The Dark Ones MU. Leader: Hi Guy. If you're interested in joining contact Hi Guy, it costs 20 gold to join, so just donate that to the MU, apply and we should accept you. ENGLISH ONLY! NO SPAMMING ARTICLE LINKS, for that go to, #SeTrade for buying/selling and for help.

pone Rizon

Chat Room - 8 users - current topic: Hello! If you're looking for AnonTheCuck's (and 8chan /pone/'s inofficial) channel, you probably wanted to go to #/pone/. Type "/join #/pone/" to go there. – Otherwise, welcome to the pony vault! Where everything is quiet and comfy and the marevag comes canned!

## Rizon

Chat Room - 2 users - current topic: ###. Remember, we're looking for a gun that makes *holes*, not *bullet holes*. leave your Minecraft spam here to troll NTAuthority

YourBNC Rizon

Chat Room - 13 users - current topic: [YourBNC] Website: | We're currently in the process of restructuring YourBNC. We expect to relaunch later this year. | Feel free to remain in this channel to keep up to date on our progress. | News: none
Category: BNC Chat Rooms

caffeine-recruits Rizon

Chat Room - 3 users - current topic: We recruit smart people. If you’re interested, highlight the appropriate person. typesetter => conkerer || QC, edit => HeavenlyArmed || encoder => BakaProxy || translator => puddi

alienworks Rizon

Chat Room - 6 users - current topic: Alienworks visual novel development | Current project(s): The Human Reignition Project & Highway Blossoms | | Proudly supported by Sekai Project - | We're on Discord now - | Highway Blossoms Released @
Category: Alien Chat Rooms

music-of-anime Rizon

Chat Room - 2 users - current topic: <\|/> Welcome! Please idle/chat/fserv here and help make the chan grow! | The ops still seem to be good. | Ace, you're a rukhoer, even in 2010(+7)! | jij bent een kut belg | * Set by CM on Thu Jan 28 21:38:57 2010 <\|/>
Category: Music Anime Chat Rooms

HarunatsuSubs Rizon

Chat Room - 27 users - current topic: Welcome to Harunatsu Fansubs | Website: | Projects: wellivea1 knows, ask wellivea1. | wellivea1: Don't even dare. | Where is Haruhiro? He is missing. | We need TSer & Timer, contact Haruhiro if you're interested. | |

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