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6 users – 97 minutes ago – Welcome to ​#Rift - Rift is now F2P http:/​/​www.​riftgame.​com/​
RIFT Chat RoomsRift GlobalGamers


11 users – 220 minutes ago – <GA1M> masada got it!! The answer is SHITTIM!! |​ http:/​/​a.​pomf.​se/​qwascr.​png |​ <leonid> I had to throw up out of motion sickness after trying roller coaster simulation with oculus rift |​ <GA0M> masada got it!! The answer is MAHJONGGS!! |​ <Wineandbread> i'll be your personal dick sucker for 11$/​h |​ <GA1M> Duvet got it!! The answer is JAPANS!! |​ <Roar> in Norway every girl is blonde,​ blue
(o: Rizon


2 users – 92 minutes ago – epic faildictus - rift beta tomorrow get hype http:/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​watch?v=​4uIEK​EqQl0Y |​ ~ch 69~ |​ guild is milk party,​ apply now! |​ chat about 'dictus!!! vent 69.​12.​36.​170:2306 ponies |​ http:/​/​vindictus.​nexon.​net/​ |​ http:/​/​forums.​somethingawful.​com/​showthread​.​php?threadid=​3348323 |​ west west east
Wine Chat Roomsvindictus synIRC


3 users – 92 minutes ago – Hi,​ Welcome to the Rift.​.​.​a desolate place where people come to kill monsters that arrive through tears in reality.​.​.​maybe you'll have some fun,​ maybe you wont.​.​.​i dont care anymore.​.​.​.​here,​ just in case you want it.​.​ Bot Wiki: http:/​/​battlearena.​heliohost.​org/​doku.̴​3;php?id=​start
RIFT Chat RoomsThe_dimensional_rift


3 users – 100 minutes ago – http:/​/​i.​imgur.​com/​5x5ESBH.​gifv
RIFT Chat Roomsrift.​saints QuakeNet


4 users – 94 minutes ago – No topic
RIFT Chat Roomssummoners.​rift Omerta


2 users – 100 minutes ago – No topic
RIFT Chat Roomsrift QuakeNet


41 users – 100 minutes ago – curseforge.​com |​ curseforge.​com/​paste/​ |​ FireFall Discussion: ​#FireFallUIDev |​ Rift Discussion: ​#RiftUIDev |​ SC2 Map Discussion: ​#SC2Mapster |​ WoW Discussion: ​#WoWUIDev |​ This channel is logged,​ via purl
curseforge freenode


17 users – 100 minutes ago – http:/​/​pastebin.​com for code snippets |​|​ PIL: http:/​/​www.​lua.​org/​pil |​|​ Rift AddOn Policy: http:/​/​t.​co/​7xXd4LL |​|​ AddOn Wiki: wiki.​riftui.​com/​ |​|​ this channel is logged,​ via purl |​|​ Happy Pi day!
RIFT Development Chat Roomsriftuidev freenode

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