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Programming Chat Rooms

Category:  Computers  >  Programming

CodingCafe Mibbit

Chat Room - 2 users - 89 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to the Coding Cafe IRC channel - Here you can have discussions and help other users with programming. No swearing is allowed and will result in you being kicked or banned. Regular helpers will be given Voice (VOP) to help distingush them.
Category: Programming Coffee Chat Rooms

elm freenode

Chat Room - 148 users - 102 minutes ago - current topic: Channel for anything related to the Elm programming language. Home page: Share code: Mailing list: Source code:
Category: Elm Chat Rooms

anx-programming Undernet

Chat Room - 4 users - 101 minutes ago - current topic: Named by Sucralose 14 April!
Category: Programming Chat Rooms

programming Undernet

Chat Room - 2 users - 101 minutes ago - current topic: don't ask to ask, just ask
Category: Programming Chat Rooms

#asm freenode

Chat Room - 311 users - 102 minutes ago - current topic: Assembly programming channel, all architectures welcome (please specify). | Please register your nick to speak - talk to NickServ. | Don't ask to ask! Use a pastebin if appropriate! Check your manuals! | AT&T vs Intel flamers will be banned.
Category: Assembler Chat Rooms

fp-in-scala freenode

Chat Room - 18 users - 102 minutes ago - current topic: Functional Programming in Scala by Rúnar, Chiusano. | Forum (except bugs): | Bugs: | Exercises: |
Category: Scala Chat Rooms

gentoo-java freenode

Chat Room - 60 users - 102 minutes ago - current topic: "Welcome. Ask question(s) and be patient. Do NOT ask Java programming questions here, see ##java. | Project page: | Open bugs: | Our progress so far:"
Category: Gentoo Java Chat Rooms

shapeless freenode

Chat Room - 4 users - 102 minutes ago - current topic: shapeless: Generic programming for Scala ( | All activity now on Gitter: | Latest stable release 2.3.2 | Logs on | Code of conduct

idris freenode

Chat Room - 232 users - 102 minutes ago - current topic: | Idris is a general purpose pure functional programming language with dependent types | Please stay here for a while after asking your question, we might not be able to answer immediately |  See our FAQ at

alpaca-lang freenode

Chat Room - 17 users - 102 minutes ago - current topic: discussion and help for the Alpaca programming language, repo at, code of conduct, mailing list!forum/alpaca-lang

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