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midnightexpress Rizon

Chat Room - 17 users - current topic: Conspiracy, Paranormal, Talk Radio, Podcasts, Computers, Sci-Fi, Video Games, General Nerd Chat & Tasteful Babe Pics | For stream links, show times and babe of the week go to | Ops chat in #gigashadow

PonyvilleLIVE Canternet

Chat Room - 30 users - current topic: Official Home of the Ponyville Live! Network | Pony Radio, Video, Podcasts & Convention Coverage | Bringing Pony People Together | | Follow us on Twitter! @PonyvilleLive
Category: Ponies Chat Rooms

linuxcrazy freenode

Chat Room - 6 users - current topic: LinuxCraZY Podcasts
Category: Linux Chat Rooms

podcasts GameSurge

Chat Room - 1 users - current topic: No topic
Category: Podcast Chat Rooms

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Podcast Chat Rooms

kubuntu-podcast freenode

Chat Room - 18 users - current topic: Welcome to the Kubuntu Podcast IRC Room! | Steam Group: | Support in #kubuntu | Development in #kubuntu-devel
Category: Kubuntu iPod Chat Rooms

ubuntu-podcast freenode

Chat Room - 13 users - current topic: | | Feeds:- / | We're on Telegram too:
Category: Ubuntu iPod Chat Rooms

dangerousminds freenode

Chat Room - 7 users - current topic: Welcome to the irc channel for DMP Nation, to learn more about the Dangerous Minds Podcast go to || We are currently cultivating tutorials for Dangerous Minds University if you have a submission please email us at || There is a new page in construction for so stay tuned for coming improvements.

lhspodcast freenode

Chat Room - 9 users - current topic: Welcome to Linux in the Ham Shack. We are a podcast, a state of mind a phenomenon. We record live every other Monday night at 8:00pm Central. Visit for more information. Our next recording is Episode #191 on Monday, May 29th, 2017 (2017-05-30 0100Z) to wrapup Hamvention and new topics. We hope to see you there.
Category: iPod Chat Rooms

rule4 synIRC

Chat Room - 2 users - current topic: 09:08 < TheNSA> I told Nora about Rosebuddies 09:17 < TheNSA> Although, she is telling me that she likes Rosebuddies more because of Rachel and Griffin, not the content? 10:07 < TheNSA> Nora: Did you want to watch the bachelor togetherand listen to this podcast? 10:09 < TheNSA> Today, I fucked up.

thehackables freenode

Chat Room - 7 users - current topic: General chat channel for podcast | Episode 7 – The Lost Audio | Tekkit Server: | This is not an official LHS channel, expect trolling, bad language and in-jokes. | "#thehackables, for when #london-hack-space is scrolling too fast to read"

social-engineer freenode

Chat Room - 49 users - current topic: Sign up for Social Engineering Training now: | Social-Engineer Services: | SEORG Podcast: | Newsletter: | Twitter - @humanhacker

thebugcast freenode

Chat Room - 6 users - current topic: Welcome to #thebugcast - - an award-winning music podcast | Join our Telegram group: | latest episode: 463 "Manchester Bond" | next live show: Friday 2 June 2017 at 21:30 UK time (BST/GDT/UTC+1)

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