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#pic freenode

Chat Room - 25 users - 74 minutes ago - current topic: The freenode PIC microcontroller community | Microchip TCP IP Stack v6 doesn't support pic18 anymore. For pic18, you must stay with 5.4x version. Version 6.x add support for ipv6 and bigger SSL keysize ( 1024bit on pic24, 2048 on pic32 ). Bad news is that version 5.x will not receive any new developement, only bug fixes, so, no ipv6 (for example)
Category: PIC Chat Rooms

motorcycles Snoonet

Chat Room - 43 users - 59 minutes ago - current topic: /r/Motorcycles Official IRC channel ( #motorcycles) | New to the channel? Introduce yourself with a pic of your bike! | Members' Bikes - | One week minimum probation on spoilers of any kind (GoT, races, etc.), spoilers allowed in #Motorcycles-GoTspoilers

happyroom IRCHighWay

Chat Room - 3 users - 65 minutes ago - current topic: ¯`°²º¤æ=¬«.,¸_ :) NICE PLACE TO CHAT :) Welcome to happyroom the happiest place on Earth @>->-- happyroom members join >>> massive pic albums :) Tune into the new ATTACKRADIO use @find song _¸,.»¬=椺²

tigrovi Rizon

Chat Room - 5 users - 74 minutes ago - current topic: _________| KANAL PORODICE TIGROVI!!! Regrutacija otvorena: ||| AVATAR JEDINICE: ||| Order: / Bonus lokacija: / UDARAMO ZA SRBIJU! _________|

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