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Category:  Society  >  People

debian freenode

Chat Room - 1676 users - 97 minutes ago - current topic: Debian Stretch: /msg dpkg stretch ; /msg dpkg 9.3 ; /msg dpkg jessie->stretch; /msg dpkg install stretch | Oldstable: Debian Jessie /msg dpkg jessie ; /msg dpkg 8.10 | NO FLOOD: /msg dpkg paste | /msg bots NOT people | offtopic: #debian-offtopic | testing, unstable: #debian-next @ | chanlogs: /msg dpkg irclog
Category: Debian Chat Rooms

#networking freenode

Chat Room - 1280 users - 97 minutes ago - current topic: Computer Networking | If you have a question, ask it! | If you want to paste use | Vendor Help = #$vendor | Please be friendly to and respectful of others. Please do not go off topic while other people discuss on topic matters. Please refrain from harassing or offensive comments.
Category: Computers Chat Rooms

znc freenode

Chat Room - 1027 users - 97 minutes ago - current topic: Thanks to MAGIC`, KindOne, Gavin for huge help with restoring wiki! | ZNC 1.6.5: | | | Development at #znc-dev | don't randomly PM people
Category: ZNC Chat Rooms

#hackers freenode

Chat Room - 364 users - 97 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to the hacker hangout | Be patient with questions,might take hours for people to respond. | Please keep conversations family friendly | No politics | Channel website: | Threat intel summary: | Join ##hackers-threatintel for threat intel and security news updated continuously | Say 'Ahoy!' to our bot Skuzzy.
Category: Hacking Chat Rooms

anger Snoonet

Chat Room - 8 users - 81 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to #anger, official channel for r/Anger on snoonet | Say hi, hang out, tell us what's on your mind | | | April 25th 2014: Zeebs and Brit hug irl :3 | | sobrieti commands - .list | MRW people don't wait 5 min for someone to respond |
Category: Angel Chat Rooms

debian-next OFTC

Chat Room - 305 users - 97 minutes ago - current topic: Debian 9 Stretch is here: /msg dpkg stretch and /join #debian | buster to appear soon | avoid unstable and testing just after release if you don't like reporting/fixing bugs | faq: | ongoing transitions: | multiarch fun: /msg dpkg multiarch failures | NO FLOOD: /msg dpkg paste | /msg bots NOT people | offtopic → #debian-offtopic | oldstable, stable
Category: Debian Chat Rooms

loseit Snoonet

Chat Room - 65 users - 81 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to loseit! Please have patience when seeking advice as it takes time for people to respond. Derogatory language and bullying are not permitted. Any conversation harmful to oneself or others is highly discouraged and moderated. Type !challenge for monthly challenge info. Join in and have fun! Keep an open mind and positive attitude! New? Try typing !faq

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