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P2P Chat Rooms

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Chat Room - 72 users - current topic: Please donate! | CHANNEL RULES: 1. 1a. Be respectful 2. No invite begging 3. /motd | We don't do invites! Go somewhere else. |
Category: File Sharing BitTorrent eMule Chat Rooms

p2p-politics P2P-NET

Chat Room - 2 users - current topic: Coherently Discuss, Debate, Rant, Rave, Vent, Argue all you want about politics. Please try to refrain from name calling though. | "Elections belong to the people. It is their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters"
Category: File Sharing Political Science Chat Rooms

p2p-nl-pre P2P-NET

Chat Room - 44 users - current topic: [ #P2P-NL Pre Channel] [PreBot= UP] [CMD=!pre !dupe !group !db !prehelp ]
Category: File Sharing Netherlands Chat Rooms

p2p-code P2P-NET

Chat Room - 3 users - current topic: :: all your scripting & coding needs :: paste: or :: don't ask to ask! ::
Category: File Sharing Programming Chat Rooms

tox freenode

Chat Room - 97 users - current topic: The Secure, P2P, distributed instant messaging and video calling software! - | Devs -> #toktok | Clients -> #qtox and #utox | Join the Tox groupchat: add | Tox network stats: | Looking for Tox the python testing tool instead? -> #pylib | Merry Christmas Toxicles (and happy new year!)
Category: Tox Chat Rooms

#dns-p2p freenode

Chat Room - 5 users - current topic: The quest to make a fully decentralized DNS system :: wiki -
Category: Internet File Sharing Chat Rooms

Help P2P-NET

Chat Room - 42 users - current topic: Official P2P-NET IRC help channel | Ask your question and WAIT | For nickname registration type !reghelp | For vHost help type !vhelp | We can't undo channel bans | Don't PM anyone without asking | No off-topic chat | We are not affiliated with any tracker / site, IRC network help only

cybersecurity DarkVoltage

Chat Room - 2 users - current topic: Wireless mesh(EnigmaBox/Hyperboria/CJDNS,, P2P darknets(TOR, I2P, GNUnet, Freenet), Operating Systems(Tails, QubesOS, Whonix) VPNs(JondoNym, CryptoStorm) | |
Category: Security Chat Rooms

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