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Mozilla Chat Rooms

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css Mozilla

Chat Room - 11 users - current topic: All English CSS discussion welcome here || Wiki || CSS Spec || Newsgroup: news:comp.infosystems.www.authoring.stylesheets || Tables4Layout ||
Category: Counter Strike Source Chat Rooms

atmo-dev Mozilla

Chat Room - 11 users - current topic: Dev channel for Telemetry Analysis Service | Board: | Prod: | Stage: | Code: | Issues: | CI:
Category: Development Chat Rooms

contributors_with_disabilities Mozilla

Chat Room - 2 users - current topic: Welcome. Please see Please idle in and discuss all things relating to contributing, to discuss difficulties contributing with disabilities, and to discuss ideas about ways we can have better ways to contribute.

firefox-unregistered freenode

Chat Room - 87 users - current topic: Firefox is currently open to registered Freenode nicks only | for info on registering a nick | If you do not want to register use ircs:// docs at
Category: Firefox Chat Rooms

ubuntu-mozillateam freenode

Chat Room - 12 users - current topic: Welcome to the Ubuntu Mozilla Team: Non Ubuntu specific related support in #firefox or #thunderbird on | Build versions and testing status: | Report Mozilla PPA bugs: | Mailing List:
Category: Ubuntu Mozilla Computer Games Chat Rooms

mdn Mozilla

Chat Room - 123 users - current topic: Welcome to MDN, where we create the documentation content for Want to help teach Web development to the world? Logs:

TCP Mozilla

Chat Room - 14 users - current topic: Welcome to the Tablet Contribution Program! Visit for more information. Please add yourself at | IRC logs at | Builds at | Build status:
Category: TCP Chat Rooms

sumo Mozilla

Chat Room - 76 users - current topic: Kitsune rollback announcement: | Last community meeting notes: | Contributors forum: | Logs: | Vidyo:

bitcoin-RT freenode

Chat Room - 6 users - current topic: RealTime bitcoin trades from mtgox , grouped ( Xn trades ) on high volume | rss trades feed on + , use with
Category: Bitcoin Chat Rooms

tb-bugs Mozilla

Chat Room - 8 users - current topic: #tb-bugs logs comm-central bug and patch checkin activity (Thunderbird,MailNews,Calendar) || Help with QA and triage bugs #tb-qa || File a bug || Need help? visit #thunderbird or

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