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mIRC Chat Rooms

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mIRC GeekShed

Chat Room - 7 users - 50 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to ​#mIRC! Bots are welcome in this channel for testing and development.​ |​ Please do not ask to ask,​ just ask! |​ Use pastebin for long lines of text @ pastebin.​com |​ If you are not testing,​ please have your scripts disabled.​ |​ "If you can't remember why you're banned,​ then you clearly need to be.​"
Category: mIRC Chat Rooms

mirc LibraIRC

Chat Room - 3 users - 47 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to LibraIRC's ​#mIRC .​:.​ Current version: 7.​46 (Available @ http:/​/​mirc.​com) - see: http:/​/​chanops.​org &/​or http:/​/​libraIRC.​net for network sites .​:.​ Ask question(s) *​in*​ the channel,​ and keep messages away from ops (@) without asking! .​:.​ See: ​#olympics for coverage .​:.​
Category: mIRC Chat Rooms

mIRC EsperNet

Chat Room - 20 users - 51 minutes ago - current topic: EsperNet mIRC discussion/​help channel! We provide support with scripting and general help.​ Feel free to stick around and help each others.​ ​#mIRC-Bots for bot testing and spamming.​ Raw events and description (RFC1459): http:/​/​www.​mirc.​com/​rfc1459.​html - Helpful users are voiced
Category: mIRC Chat Rooms

mIRC UnitedChat

Chat Room - 13 users - 41 minutes ago - current topic: [Services: Online] Welcome To ​#mIRC Largest & most trusted Official mIRC Help/​Chat Channel .​:.​ mIRC 7.​46 (8/​1/​16) Released .​:.​[Scripting,​ Coding Html/​Php .​.​.​] ​#mIRC TEAM - To add free flash chat applet for your website visit: http:/​/​www.​unitedchat.​net/​getchat.​html
Category: mIRC Chat Rooms

mIRC GameSurge

Chat Room - 11 users - 50 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to ​#mIRC on GameSurge :: Latest version: mIRC v7.​45 10-5-16 :: AuthServ/​ChanServ help in ​#help & ​#support :: DON'T PM @/​+ :: READ THE TOPIC WHEN YOU JOIN A CHANNEL! :: English Help :: We may not always answer right away
Category: mIRC Chat Rooms

mIRC-Script GeekShed

Chat Room - 2 users - 50 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to ​#mirc-script simple scripts may be requested here also.​ Current Project: N/​A |​|​ Newest version is 7.​25! URL: http:/​/​j.​mp/​zToHm2 today.​ For help Ask your question and wait for someone to answer
Category: mIRC Programming Chat Rooms

mirc Rizon

Chat Room - 21 users - 56 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to ​#mIRC.​ Rizon's mIRC help channel.​ |​ Don't ask to ask! |​ Download at http:/​/​www.​mirc.​com/​get.​html |​ Long Scripts? http:/​/​pastebin.​com |​ .​46 |​ Script Help? ​#mIRC-Script |​ AdiIRC Help? ​#AdiIRC
Category: mIRC Chat Rooms

​#mirc freenode

Chat Room - 89 users - 57 minutes ago - current topic: http:/​/​www.​mirc.​com/​ :: Latest: v7.​46 :: Paste: http:/​/​mpaste.​com/​ :: Testing: ​#​#mIRC-Testing :: See also: ​#irchelp for general IRC questions,​ ​#freenode for services and cloaks.​
Category: mIRC Chat Rooms

mIRC ChatLounge

Chat Room - 9 users - 53 minutes ago - current topic: Unofficial mIRC help channel.​ |​ The latest version of mIRC may be obtained here: http:/​/​www.​mirc.​com/​get.​html |​ Please be patient in waiting for a reply.​ English only.​
Category: mIRC Chat Rooms

mIRC PurpleSurge

Chat Room - 5 users - 44 minutes ago - current topic: The Official mIRC and Scripting Help Channel.​ |​ mIRC 7.​38 at www.​mirc.​com/​get.​php |​ Use http:/​/​codepad.​org to paste scripts |​ mIRC rules at http:/​/​mirc.​purplesurge.​com
Category: mIRC Chat Rooms

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