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Malaysia Chat Rooms

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31 users – 71 minutes ago – Selamat Datang ke ​#Malaysia .​ INFO : http:/​/​www.​unitedchat.​net/​channels/​malaysia/​ ( Java Chat Room ).​ To add free flash chat applet for your website visit: http:/​/​www.​unitedchat.​net/​getchat.​html
Malaysia Chat RoomsMalaysia UnitedChat


3 users – 74 minutes ago – Selamat datang ke channel ​#help.​malaysia (Versi bahasa Malaysia) .​ Jika anda mempunyai sebarang PERTANYAAN ,​sila ajukan disini.​.​kami kan cuba membantu anda.​.​ Terima Kasih !
Malaysia Chat Roomshelp.​malaysia KampungChat


7 users – 79 minutes ago – Welcome To ​#malaysia .​.​.​.​ MEMO Founder For Access Request .​.​.​.​ Have a Nice Day & Respect Each Others .​.​.​
Malaysia Chat Roomsmalaysia Rizon


23 users – 71 minutes ago – Welcome to ​#MALAYSIA - Official channel on WebChat.​ INFO: TAHNIAH JDT JUARA AFC!
Malaysia Chat Roomsmalaysia WebChat


6 users – 72 minutes ago – Selamat Datang ke ​#malaysia!
Malaysia Chat Roomsmalaysia Snoonet


8 users – 74 minutes ago – |​Services |​Online|​ Welcome To KampungChat ​#Malaysia
Malaysia Chat Roomsmalaysia KampungChat


13 users – 79 minutes ago – |​Services |​Online|​ Welcome To DALnet ​#Malaysia
Malaysia Chat Roomsmalaysia DALnet


8 users – 71 minutes ago – UNO is BACK.​ Welcome to AMPANG township in Malaysia and suburb of Kuala Lumpur located in the state of Selangor,​ Malaysia.​ It borders a district within Kuala Lumpur also known as AMPANG.​ A place to chat and make new friendships.​ Please Respect Others And Have Fun.​ To private message do /​umode -Mm .​Devoice/​Deop when Away/​Idling .​Thx For Supporting This Channe
Ampang Chat Roomsampang WebChat


1 users – Welcome To ​#malaysia.​ Please Make Yourself Comfortable.​ Please Respect Each Other.​ Please Keep Your Conversation Clean And Friendly.​ For IRCop Assistance.​ Please /​join ​#operhelp
Malaysia Chat Roomsmalaysia Azzurra


2 users – 75 minutes ago – «»«»«»«»«»«» www.​textchatroom.​com «»«»«»«»«»«»
Malaysia Chat Roomsmalaysia IrCQ-Net

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