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nextcloud-mail freenode

Chat Room - 10 users - current topic: Nextcloud Mail app! Contribute at – report issues at :)
Category: Mail Chat Rooms

gandi-mail freenode

Chat Room - 5 users - current topic: gandimail, le mail par | mail by
Category: Mail Chat Rooms

vim-fr freenode

Chat Room - 42 users - current topic: Bienvenue sur le salon d'aide de Vim francophone | pour copier de gros fichiers (+ de 3 lignes) | site , planet | | la traduction de vim | mail list" | Livre pour les débutant
Category: Vim France Chat Rooms

fedora-join freenode

Chat Room - 28 users - current topic: Visit #fedora for end user support | Looking to contribute to Fedora? Don't know where to start? Ask away! | | | Easy tasks to get started on: | No one around? Be patient, or drop us an e-mail,
Category: Fedora Chat Rooms

sawfish freenode

Chat Room - 6 users - current topic: The Sawfish Window Manager. Current: 1.8.2 || DL || Themes || Mailing list || Documentation || try || Project-Page: || Wait a bit for replies!!!
Category: Fish Chat Rooms

flashrom freenode

Chat Room - 109 users - current topic: Welcome to #flashrom! | flashrom 0.9.9 is out! All users should upgrade or fix the security bug locally. | Please wait a bit for answers or mail | Please do NOT log this channel publically! | flashrom output to |
Category: Flash Chat Rooms

magento-jobs freenode

Chat Room - 17 users - current topic: Welcome to #magento-jobs. This is NOT a support channel. If you need a coder please post a short job description with a link to a webpage with the detailed job description, explaining clearly what you require, how much you are willing to pay and please add the timeframe. . Do NOT PM unless you are asked to. Please leave your E-Mail when you ask for a quote!
Category: Magento Jobs Chat Rooms

notmuch freenode

Chat Room - 94 users - current topic: How much mail is in your inbox? Go improve the wiki! Please wait for answers here, or ask | up | wiki up | ABI breakage on master. | nmbug updated to gitolite 3 2017-05-07

bshellz freenode

Chat Room - 79 users - current topic: - FREE Linux Shells! - Type !register - Free Server Online! ( - - Elite Server Online! ( - - speak ENGLISH in main channel! | Staff are Thuru and satdav and kamcio2603, Admin is Beschwa. Mail: | PM Beschwa with any problems or email

ledger freenode

Chat Room - 95 users - current topic: Ledger Hackathon in SF Nov 12-13 | Ledger, the command-line double-entry accounting program | Home: | Bug tracker: | Mail list: | FAQ: | Channel help:
Category: Finance Chat Rooms

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