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Logic Chat Rooms

Category:  Science  >  Logic

#logic freenode

Chat Room - 46 users - current topic: Symbolic and Mathematical Logic -- -- -- Share, -- Paste,
Category: Logic Chat Rooms

#computerscience freenode

Chat Room - 37 users - current topic: Welcome to ##ComputerScience, the channel where you can discuss semantics, type systems, parallelism, complexity theory, quantum computing, cryptography, data structures, algorithmics, logic, AI, machine learning, operations research, data compression and even hardware design. | Ask your questions clearly, please. | Math questions? Try #math | Linux question? Try ##linux
Category: Computer Science Chat Rooms

#science freenode

Chat Room - 187 users - current topic: Welcome to the science channel! | Rules: | Topics that are welcome: astronomy/biology/chemistry/computers/ecology/engineering/geology/logic/mathematics/physics plus some social sciences | Please visit our sister channels, ##alerts ##news ##weather
Category: Science Chat Rooms

AutoNomic freenode

Chat Room - 16 users - current topic: AutoNomic project | Please ask anything | Wiki: | Log: | Dev channel: #autonomic-dev | | |

writescribbles Rizon

Chat Room - 3 users - current topic: Welcome to the unofficial 4chan writing channel | Questrunners, make yourselves known to the administration| the double logic of the double devil | You are expected not to spoil things for others. Bans will be dispensed for the immature|

mela Azzurra

Chat Room - 13 users - current topic: …escono MacUser dalle fottute pareti!!!  questo canale non va da nessuna parte!  iOS 11  Mojave 10.14.0  logic X 10.4.2   ATTENZIONE #MELA SI AUTODISTRUGGERÀ ALLE 17:30 AVETE X MINUTI PER RAGGIUNGERE LA DISTANZA MINIMA DI SICUREZZA [ ]

joehotlogic SpigotMC

Chat Room - 7 users - current topic: Ofishual chanel 2 diskus n link le logic of joehot200 n affliliatez :: Git:;a=tree (send PR patches to Literallie or Suddenly) :: Type +joehot for an instant quote! :: Ping Literallie if the bot doesn't work
Category: Logic Chat Rooms

sigrok freenode

Chat Room - 131 users - current topic: Portable, cross-platform, Open-Source signal analysis software (logic analyzers, scopes, multimeters, and more) | | Questions? Just ask and wait, we're not always around

nectarine freenode

Chat Room - 4 users - current topic: WAX ON WAX OFF - A mouse is a device used to point at the xterm you want to type in - we enjoy your limited understanding of basic flies you into space, religion flies you into buildings.

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