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Linux Support Chat Rooms

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xps13 freenode

Chat Room - 51 users - 50 minutes ago - current topic: [UNOFFICIAL] Dell XPS 13 9343/​9350/​9360 Linux discussion |​ for official Dell ProSupport: http:/​/​www.​dell.​com/​support/​incidents-online/​us/​en/​19/​contactus |​ touchscreen suspend issue patch: https:/​/​marc.​info/​?l=​linux-gpio&m=​147610677825233&w=​2 |​ https:/​/​patchwork.​freedesktop.​org/​patch/​115585/​

linuxmint-help SpotChat

Chat Room - 310 users - 35 minutes ago - current topic: Official Linux Mint Support Channel |​​ Channel Rules: https:/​/​goo.​gl/​mP1Rz1 - for off-topic chat use ​​#linuxmint-chat |​​ Upgrade Instructions: https:/​/​goo.​gl/​LKYhGO (17,​​ 17.​​1 or 17.​​2 to 17.​​3) and https:/​/​goo.​gl/​RfGFy9 (17.​​3 to 18)
Category: Linux Mint Chat Rooms

iX freenode

Chat Room - 5 users - 50 minutes ago - current topic: An X11 based GNU/​Linux distribution for Apple's iDevices |​ Supported Devices: IPT1G,​ iPhone3G |​ website: www.​projectix.​org |​ Current Release: iX SHR 1.​10 |​ Download: http:/​/​cdn.​idroidproject.​org/​release/​ix/​iX-SHR-1.​10.​tar.​bz2 |​ Latest Progress: Waiting for nand support in the A4 kernel

PCLinuxOS freenode

Chat Room - 11 users - 50 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome,​ you've just joined the ​#pclinuxos chat room.​ NOTICE: This is *​not*​ the support channel.​ For support questions,​ please join ​#pclinuxos-support This chat room is for hanging out with your Linux friends and building our community.​ If you need help joining the support channel,​
Category: PCLinuxOS Chat Rooms

amdgpu freenode

Chat Room - 11 users - 50 minutes ago - current topic: Support for AMD graphics cards running under Linux using the amdgpu kernel module.​ Alert: openSUSE Tumbleweed install will successfully run amdgpu with Pontostroy's X11 repo.​ Inquire herein.​ (Note: AMD GCN 1.​0 will be supported in kernel 4.​9; AMD pre-GCN cards not supported)

bitch DALnet

Chat Room - 2 users - 50 minutes ago - current topic: hahahah,​ jeezus.​.​ unless you MUST have windows.​.​ go linux.​.​ try out Manjaro,​ it's awesome!! anytime ive tried linux.​ I always found shit it didnt support.​ that i used.​ right now im in the process of moving lol! when I get moved and internet again I will have to check it out!

​#macsupport freenode

Chat Room - 7 users - 50 minutes ago - current topic:  ​#​#macsupport |​ macOS Sierra 10.​12.​1 ; El Capitan 10.​11.​6 ; and some others ; Mac Support and Discussion |​ Friends don't let friends use Windows or Linux.​ |​ "When a service is free,​ the consumer is the product.​" |​ http:/​/​www.​apple.​com/​apple-events/​october-2016/​
Category: Macintosh Chat Rooms

kodi freenode

Chat Room - 537 users - 50 minutes ago - current topic: Official Kodi channel |​ latest stable Kodi v16.​1 'Jarvis' |​ http:/​/​kodi.​tv |​ http:/​/​kodi.​wiki |​ see also ​#kodi-linux |​ ​#kodi-dev for developers only |​ No discussion or support of piracy video addons! |​ Do NOT pm staff
Category: Kodi Chat Rooms

Adelie freenode

Chat Room - 12 users - 50 minutes ago - current topic: Adélie Linux general chat /​ support channel - Not ready yet but getting there! |​ 1.​0-ALPHA coming soon |​ Qt 5 is LIVE! |​ Please ask your question without asking if anyone is around.​ We usually are,​ and if not,​ we'll get back to you ASAP! :)

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