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Bangladesh Chat Rooms

bangladesh freenode

Chat Room - 5 users - 68 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to ​#Bangladesh |​ A place where Bangladeshis gather to talk about Linux and Open Source Software |​ Facebook: https:/​/​www.​facebook.​com/​groups/​linux.​org.​bd |​ Twitter: http:/​/​www.​twitter.​com/​bdlinux |​ Channel stats: http:/​/​irc.​ekushey.​com/​bangladesh (IPv4 & IPv6) |​ Webchat: http:/​/​j.​mp/​bdirc |​ Enjoy your stay!
Category: Bangladesh Chat Rooms

bangladesh Snoonet

Chat Room - 4 users - 53 minutes ago - current topic: The Dhaka hostage situation has been resolved.​ |​ Off topic discussion/​jokes/​memes/​spam/​trolling =​ ban |​ TO HIDE SERVER JOINS/​PARTS: Go to settings in the top right,​ Messages,​ Alerts,​ Uncheck Joins/​Parts.​ Live thread: https:/​/​www.​reddit.​com/​live/​x6nlz174eayk/​
Category: Bangladesh Chat Rooms

Bangladesh BanglaCafe

Chat Room - 28 users - 66 minutes ago - current topic: "Welcome to BanglaCafe! The truth is,​ everyone is going to hurt you.​ You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.​
Category: Bangladesh Chat Rooms

ubuntu-bd freenode

Chat Room - 9 users - 68 minutes ago - current topic: Official IRC channel of Ubuntu Bangladesh |​ www.​ubuntu-bd.​org |​ Mailing list: https:/​/​lists.​ubuntu.​com/​mailman/​listinfo/​ubuntu-bd |​ Forum: http:/​/​ubuntuforums.​org/​forumdisplay.​php?f=​409 |​ Launchpad: http:/​/​launchpad.​net/​~ubuntu-bd |​ Channel Logs: http:/​/​irclogs.​ubuntu.​com |​ register nick and ask in ​#freenode for an unaffiliated cloak
Category: Ubuntu Bangladesh Chat Rooms

Bangladesh EFnet

Chat Room - 3 users - 66 minutes ago - current topic: No topic
Category: Bangladesh Chat Rooms

Bangladesh Undernet

Chat Room - 2 users - 68 minutes ago - current topic: No topic
Category: Bangladesh Chat Rooms

suna.​BD Rizon

Chat Room - 4 users - 68 minutes ago - current topic: Bangladesh's official channel for E-sim server --- Great Bangladesh o7 ((((( Speack bangladeshian or english ))))) CP: Chamugaa ​#sutrade ​#esim-suna.​rs ​#suna.​IR
Category: Sun Bangladesh Chat Rooms

cricket DALnet

Chat Room - 14 users - 63 minutes ago - current topic: ¤*​'~``~'*​¤!|​ BANGLADESH PREMIER LEAGUE Final: Dynamites v Raj Kings at Dhaka on Dec 9,​ 2016 )|​!¤*​'~``~'*​¤!
Category: Cricket Chat Rooms

e-sim.​bd Rizon

Chat Room - 7 users - 68 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to the |​|​ Official E-SIM(all server) Channel for Bangladesh |​|​
Category: Bangladesh Chat Rooms

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