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25 users – 61 minutes ago – The GamerGate Dossier is live. | To contribute, highlight a certain section and right click to comment. DOC: | KiA: | CHAN: | Direct Link: | ADMIN CONTACT:
Dossier Rizon


10 users – 67 minutes ago – Har Jurm Meri Zaat Se Mansoob Hai. Kia Mere Siwa Shehar Main Masoom Thay Sare..
Pakistan Chat Roomspunjab DALnet


1 users – 65 minutes ago – No topic
Kia Chat Roomskia GameSurge

cars (21)   jeeb (1)   automotive (1)   aston martin (1)   opel (3)  

Cars Chat Rooms


2 users – 67 minutes ago – The place on Dalnet to talk cars
Cars Chat Roomscars DALnet


94 users – 65 minutes ago – Car talk with the pros, et alia | Morons will be kicked. Repeatedly. Then banned | Classic F1 (thx opiates): | Mikaila > mtask
Cars Chat Rooms#cars freenode


3 users – 65 minutes ago – Reading list: | Get Racket: | Currently reading:
Cars Chat Roomscars-sicp freenode


9 users – 61 minutes ago – hi welcome to whatever you rly wanna talk about but | i wana go fast™ #fuck
Cars Chat Roomscars Rizon


4 users – 65 minutes ago – minij: honestly, i'd probably drink poop water if it had caffeine in it. BALLER
Cars Coffee Chat Roomscars-coffeeroom freenode


6 users – 60 minutes ago – Autistic kids really do love things that spin, though. Something that spins in a circle is predictable and comforting to them, and they'll often just spin the wheels on toy cars rather than using them as cars. This is why they become infatuated with washing machines and trains. And Sonic has LOTS of spinni
Cinema Sion Chat Roomscinemadiscussodiscussion synIRC


3 users – 62 minutes ago – World of Darkness RPG: Crystal Ball Shattered- The city and surrounds of the Central District of Atlantia holds both the hustle and bustle of a grand city with it's floating structures and flying as well as ground cars and the gentle sleepiness of ancient mountains. People move about either enjoying
cb_outside MagicStar


8 users – 62 minutes ago – No topic
Cars Chat Roomscars QuakeNet


1 users – 64 minutes ago – | #cars | The place to talk about anything with 4 wheels | Life starts at 4.000rpm |
Cars Chat Roomscars GTANet

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