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5 users – 116 minutes ago – Har Jurm Meri Zaat Se Mansoob Hai.​ Kia Mere Siwa Shehar Main Masoom Thay Sare.​.​
Pakistan Chat Roomspunjab DALnet


8 users – 111 minutes ago – Kia Ora - Nau Mai |​ Hello and welcome to ​#Maori
Maori RebelNet


4 users – 117 minutes ago – AuraCore was KIA
Auracore Rizon


1 users – 114 minutes ago – No topic
Kia Chat Roomslat-kia GameSurge

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Cars Chat Rooms


20 users – 110 minutes ago – No fun allowed.​ Car talk only! Any talk about non-cars will be encouraged.​ Type .​help for helpful spam from broombroom,​ our lovely bot.​ - Bullying will NOT be tolerated.​
Cars Chat Roomscars Snoonet


122 users – 117 minutes ago – Car talk with the pros,​ et alia |​ Morons will be kicked.​ Repeatedly.​ Then banned |​ We were somewhere around Barstowe - on the edge of the desert,​ when the drugs began to take hold.​ |​ <Wayward_​Vagabond> Some pegging sounds good
Cars Chat Rooms​#cars freenode


2 users – 117 minutes ago – http:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​ZwWMc is my headgasket fucked???|​ http:/​/​www.​smokemup.​com/​bb/​viewtopic.​php?t=​1582 interesting
Cars Chat Roomscars SlashNET


6 users – 112 minutes ago – World of Darkness RPG: Crystal Ball Shattered- The city and surrounds of the Central District of Atlantia holds both the hustle and bustle of a grand city with it's floating structures and flying as well as ground cars and the gentle sleepiness of ancient mountains.​ People move about either enjoying
cb_​outside MagicStar


7 users – 117 minutes ago – it smells like beef out there
Cars Coffee Chat Roomscars-coffeeroom freenode


13 users – 116 minutes ago – [18+] Break ALL the things! (Especially cars :D) Fun little tool to mess around with: http:/​/​www.​macrophile.​com/​macro-stat/​ |​ This room in a nutshell: http:/​/​goo.​gl/​htauCn |​ http:/​/​Ask-a-macro.​tumblr.​com/​ Ask me anything! |​ May 1: Happy 1 year of destruction!
destruction Bigfurs


6 users – 117 minutes ago – http:/​/​oppositelock.​kinja.​com/​fuji-lake-car-show-japanese-car-culture-at-its-absolut-1729241294 I just in my pants
Cars Chat Roomscars QuakeNet


15 users – 117 minutes ago – Welcome to Petrolheads ,​ you may discuss anything about cars and stuff http:/​/​petrolheadschat.​co.​za coming soon
petrolheads Atrum

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