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Chat Room - 2 users - current topic: Welcome to #exotrium | | Power of Internet | Cryptocurrency Startup | This is the international channel and the lobby of Exotrium Project, if you want talk about Cryptocurrency and other stuff in your lang just type /join #exotrium.TLD(TLD= IT, FR, ES, DE) |

0x90 Azzurra

Chat Room - 34 users - current topic: Il salotto tecnologico di Azzurra ⬥ Non siamo un canale di assistenza! ⬥ device rocks forever ⬥ NO DOWNLOAD ⬥ OFFTOPIC: DRAMMI, DROGA, SESSO, SPAM, TROLLING, FLOOD ⬥ Sito internet: ⬥ Statistiche del canale:

firrre freenode

Chat Room - 38 users - current topic: Project Firrre — Free, Hosted Internet Relay Chat (IRC) ZNC Bouncers on Freenode IRC Network | TL;DR: Free BNC (ZNC) | Website: | Server Status: | For news & updates, follow us on Twitter: GeekNode

Chat Room - 52 users - current topic: La Brique Internet : (fr) || (en) - ml - install - bug & feature reports - for support contact your own associative ISP

#anime freenode

Chat Room - 59 users - current topic: Welcome to ##anime | Rules and/or Guidelines: Don't be a mean. | Anime of The Week: Polar Mushishi (Suggested by Fenderbassist) | Lets make it a polite community for all people | _tg is a transport to ##anime telegram group | civilized internet chatroom
Category: Anime Chat Rooms

dallasmakerspace freenode

Chat Room - 8 users - current topic: Welcome to the Dallas Makerspace, now with 500 Mbps Internet | Website: | Channel log: | Forums: | Users with voice are Officers, Board Members or Committee Chairs
Category: Dallas Science Fiction Chat Rooms

twitch Fullirc

Chat Room - 4 users - current topic: - #Bem-vindo(a) ao canal #Twitch na - é o maior site de streaming da Internet, o conteúdo pode ser transmitido ao vivo ou on-demand. Acompanhe nosso canal da FullIRC na Twitch em

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