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Hardware Chat Rooms

Category:  Computers  >  Hardware

Inforweb MindForge

Chat Room - 15 users - current topic: ¸.·`¯`·.¸¸.·`¯`· hardware y configuraciones de emule..pasa, pregunta, quedate con nosotros.> ·`¯`·.¸¸.·`¯`·.¸(000)informat(000) y ( connann )

freeems-dev freenode

Chat Room - 10 users - current topic: Development chatter by those on the code face, about FreeEMS or surrounding projects such as hardware, user tools, dev tools, etc. #freeems for user support. #freeems-ot for non-FreeEMS related chat.
Category: Development Chat Rooms

lau freenode

Chat Room - 25 users - current topic: ]| Linux Audio Users |[ General support. Hardware, Distribution, Software, etc... All questions and languages welcome here | Quite new place, we need team people, you're welcome if you know a bit

homecmos freenode

Chat Room - 30 users - current topic: Homebrew CMOS and MEMS foundry design | Wiki: | Repositories: | Logs:

#6502 freenode

Chat Room - 14 users - current topic: Expect long latency (i.e. don't join, say "hi", and quit after one minute of no response!) | Discussion of the 6502, 65816 family of CPUs, peripherals and related hardware and software
Category: 6502 Chat Rooms

phillw-projects freenode

Chat Room - 8 users - current topic: Welcome to the home of projects for the spreadsheet | #phillw-social for general chat | Server passed hardware test and debug kernel re-installed.

zipit-dev freenode

Chat Room - 7 users - current topic: Discussion on Zipit Z2 development || IRC Log: || USB: No hardware modification required, only patches (available at
Category: Development Chat Rooms

inforweb Chatzona

Chat Room - 3 users - current topic: ¸.·`¯`·.¸¸.·`¯`· hardware y configuraciones de emule..pasa, pregunta, quedate con nosotros.> ·`¯`·.¸¸.·`¯`·.¸(CoNnAnN)

techponies Canternet

Chat Room - 69 users - current topic: Hardware, Software, Whatever | apparently i am an on-call emoji now | Stats:
Category: Ponies Technology Chat Rooms

minnowboard freenode

Chat Room - 23 users - current topic: MinnowBoard - Open Source Hardware w/ Intel Atom! | wiki | If we don't respond please go to the mailing list

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