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Greek Chat Rooms

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4 users – 73 minutes ago – Welcome! Please avoid using Greeklish.​ Trolling, cursing at channel users and/​or any other abusive behavior will get you kicked and/​or banned at an op's discretion! | Don't ask to ask, just ask.​ | http:/​/​editthis.​info/​freenode_greek/​Main_Pa​ge | Please note that piracy is illegal, even for books.​ Linking to e-book files requires proof of public domain.​
Greece Chat Rooms​#greek freenode


4 users – 72 minutes ago – Official Elliniko Kanali texnikhs voh8eias gia to eMule MONO.​Den dinetai voh8eia se palies ekdoseis & se mods.​ H trexoysa ekdosh einai h 0.​50a.​ Katevaste thn apo to: http:/​/​emule-project.​net/​home/​perl/​g​eneral.​cgi?l=1&rm=download Plhktrologhste:!update
eMule Greece Chat RoomseMule-Greek MindForge


2 users – 69 minutes ago – General GreekIrc Helping Erotiseis gia themata pou aforoun to ​#Hellas - ​#GreekIrc + GreekIrc Servers/​Services Helping.​(Apagoreuete h paramonh sto kanali).​
Greece Chat Roomsgreek-opers GreekIRC


13 users – 73 minutes ago – Το κανάλι της ελληνικής κοινότητας του Ubuntu (Ubuntu Greek LoCo) | Forum υποστήριξης: http:/​/​forum.​ubuntu-gr.​org | Pastebin: http:/​/​pastebin.​ubuntu-gr.​org | Τελευταία σταθερή έκδοση: Ubuntu 15.​04 Vivid Vervet | Τελευταία LTS έκδοση: Ubuntu 14.​04.​2 Trusty Tahr | Λήψη: http:/​/​ubottu.​com/​y/​dl
Ubuntu Chat Roomsubuntu-gr freenode


4 users – 73 minutes ago – Official channel of Greece on suna || Επίσημο κανάλι της Ελλάδας στον suna || CP Amarte ☠ vCP Blue_Stream ☠ MOD Aris69 - Marios_GR17 ☠ Greece Org Paulakis ☠ MOFA SideSpace - Petrotos8 ☠ Press Representative Amarte || Dont Spam or Troll you get kick and ban || Only Greek and English!
Greece Chat Roomssu-hellas Rizon


10 users – 73 minutes ago – Official channel of Greece on suna || Επίσημο κανάλι της Ελλάδας στον suna || CP: GRThess || MoFA: petrotos8 || Υπεύθυνος chat: gerasimos14 || Spam/​insulting may result in ban.​Spam about other's server reflink will result in kick.​ Article links aren't allowed.​ ONLY GREEK AND ENGLISH
Greece Chat Roomssu-greece Rizon


5 users – 73 minutes ago – Welcome to [Taka-Greece] Fansubs || www.​taka-greece.​com & www.​takafansubs.​com/​?p=foreign || Commands: < !nsxx !faq !releases > ~new: ( 266 & 267 ) || Only Questions regarding Greek releases are allowed in here! ~~ .​:: DDL http:/​/​takag.​taka-greece.​com/​tg-ddl Packlist https:/​/​gin.​sadaharu.​eu ::.​ ~~
Greece Chat RoomsTaka-Greece Rizon


35 users – 68 minutes ago – Commands: .​language http:/​/​pastebin.​com/​HYW1t7iy Currently supported languages: Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Italian, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Std Arabic, Swedish, Urdu, Vietnamese
Education Chat Roomslanguagelearning IRCHighWay


3 users – 72 minutes ago – MACEDONIA: OVER 4.​000 YEARS OF GREEK CULTURE & CIVILIZATION ( www.​macedonia.​com - www.​history-of-macedonia.​com ) *​ http:/​/​en.​wikipedia.​org/​wiki/​Alexand​er_the_great *​ http:/​/​nordicbots.​com/​?id=73&net=quakenet&channel=​%23macedonia http:/​/​nordicbots.​com/​?id=66&net=quakenet&cid=8321​9 +=
Macedonia Chat Roomsmacedonia DALnet


7 users – 69 minutes ago – The official GreekIRC help channel.​ Some basic commands NickReg: /​ns register pass email | ChanReg: /​cs register ​#channel pass desc [Greek & English] Rwtate kateu8eian MESA sto kanali.​ Erwthseis MONO gia IRC & GreekIRC Services OXI PRIVATE.​ DEN apantame gia alla diktia.​
help GreekIRC

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