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11 users – 97 minutes ago – All Doxes go in Pastebins || Join #OpNeverLand to help || All the pastebins || Doxing tools -> ||Doxing Format -> || How not to get Doxed by individuals here -> || Feel free to suggest doxing techniques or useful websites || Practice Doxing-
XING Chat RoomsDoxing AnonOps


114 users – 94 minutes ago – | EAPI: | zebrapig patchbot help: | No support without a complete build log | git format-patch --stdout -M -C -C -1 | wgetpaste -r | Workflow: | systemd howto: | multilib howto: | Using Gerrit:
exherbo freenode


6 users – 94 minutes ago – Official KDE Documentation Project Channel :: Online Docs - :: EBN Doc Sanitizer - :: KDE 4 TODO - :: Feel free to write docs in any format you want - we will convert it for you to docbook!
KDE Chat Roomskde-docs freenode


31 users – 97 minutes ago – | Collaboration between Debian and its derivative distributions | | | help needed for the PR at tml
Debian Chat Roomsdebian-derivatives OFTC


3 users – 94 minutes ago – Each Pokémon on the same team must be unique; Each item held by Pokémon on the same team must be unique; There can only be one Mega Stone held by Pokémon on each team; The format for battles will be Single battles with normal rules, with all Pokémon set to L.50; Our team so far
LeagueTrainersRP freenode


27 users – 95 minutes ago – God said, "I need somebody willing to sit up all night with a newborn colt. And watch it die. Then dry his eyes and say, 'Maybe next year.' | Project Bluebook in .PDF format: |
civil_debate DALnet


9 users – 94 minutes ago – CGRateS - carrier grade real-time charging []. Offline support on mailing list [!forum/cgrates]. 0.9.1-RC5 is OUT! [NEW] Configuration file format change: cgrates.json | JSON-RPC over HTTP | Kamailio integration completed!
cgrates freenode


9 users – 94 minutes ago – RealTime bitcoin trades from mtgox , grouped ( Xn trades ) on high volume | rss trades feed on + , use with
Bitcoin Chat Roomsbitcoin-RT freenode


13 users – 89 minutes ago –'s Official claim channel. Claim using the format "Posting: Release-Group {code/p2p}". Make sure to have the colon, the dash and the code within the braces for your claim to work. NO chats here, they go into #TwoDDL.Staff (Pass: TwoDDLEditor)


3 users – 94 minutes ago – Welcome to ##json, a channel dedicated to the json de/serializing format | read more info on json at | Please paste anything longer than two lines to a pastebin like
#json freenode

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