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fantasyrpg EsperNet

Chat Room - 10 users - 238 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to Fantasy RPG, a roleplay server on Esper. Today's forecast: Sun with a chance of de-aging. Pictures and bios of characters are at Map: OOC Channel: #fantasy-ooc
Category: Fantasy Role-Playing Chat Rooms

sciffy ImaginaryNET

Chat Room - 2 users - 236 minutes ago - current topic: Edinburgh University Science Fiction and Fantasy Society! | | | Series nights thursdays 7-9pm, Appleton Tower LT2, then pub at Pleasance | Film nights saturdays from 8pm, 105/7 Buccleuch Street |

freeuse Cuff-Link

Chat Room - 2 users - 239 minutes ago - current topic: A home for those into the free use fantasy, about a world where sex is a male's right to take at any time from any female. Entry into this channel constitutes consent for this activity, if you do not wish to consent, leave immediately.

FFAnother Aniverse

Chat Room - 3 users - 242 minutes ago - current topic: Final Fantasy Another - Magiteknical Difficulties | Triple Triad matches not allowed in current area. | [MapTool] | By entering #FFAnother you agree to UPDATE MAPTOOL

granblue-wiki Rizon

Chat Room - 3 users - 243 minutes ago - current topic: "For discussion, collaboration, and help with the English Granblue Fantasy Wiki at For write privileges, ask here or message manafount. Trello Board at:"

BD_OOC DarkMyst

Chat Room - 12 users - 239 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to the #Broken_Dagger OOC room! | Medieval Fantasy Free-Form Roleplay | Respect for all is a must. | Visit our website: | New players:
Category: Bangladesh Chat Rooms

sirlin Mibbit

Chat Room - 20 users - 233 minutes ago - current topic: Community chatroom for | Discuss our games at our new website | Fantasy Strike Discord: | Tabletop Discord:

drynwas DarkMyst

Chat Room - 3 users - 239 minutes ago - current topic: Medieval-ish Fantasy FFRP The winter season brings frigid dry cold. Livestock should be brought indoors at night. Days are warming and sunny. |#Drynwas_Oasis for STed play & Updates |Magic Drain: 7% #Drynwas_OOC

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