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Fantasy Chat Rooms

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sporewiki freenode

Chat Room - 5 users - 80 minutes ago - current topic: IRC is no longer used by most SporeWiki users; visit Discord instead: || SporeWiki! || Logs: || Collaborative Universes: Sci-Fi Fantasy || Titanpad:

Broken_Dagger DarkMyst

Chat Room - 10 users - 75 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to our Freeform Fantasy Role-Play channel! For OOC chat join #BD_OOC | | Respect for all is a must. | By day the skies are bright, blue, and chill. Cold gusts of wind sweep the fallen leaves as nights grow longer, and the scent of woodsmoke hangs above the town.

TSDX Rizon

Chat Room - 2 users - 80 minutes ago - current topic: TSDX Dubs LTDA. - Patrocinador oficial de la Cirno Bronceada™ | | NOW SHIPPING: Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Memories of Phantasm~ LAS/JPN *NEW: Episodio 3* - Kaleido Star LAS/JPN - Pita-Ten LAS/JPN | Aceptamos magnicidios, helado de chocolate, y billetes de 20 mil

fantasyfootball synIRC

Chat Room - 5 users - 64 minutes ago - current topic: Fantasy Thread: | Fantasy football is stupid I realize now | Every decision you make is wrong. | |
Category: Football Fantasy Chat Rooms

BlueBomb Canternet

Chat Room - 2 users - 77 minutes ago - current topic: RP & ERP allowed. Enjoy your stay. Always remember: Shine bright like a Doitsu!~, and Roses are red, violets are blue, stars are Beautiful, Shine bright like a Doitsu!~: Note to self: Gameserv and Fantasy R.I.P JoinforGGRefs :'(

DE*OOC DarkMyst

Chat Room - 10 users - 75 minutes ago - current topic: [18+ users only] Welcome to a semi-FFRP hub for multiple roleplaying themes. Check out #DeadByDaylightRP for associated roleplay. #De*RustedNail for Urban Fantasy RP Visit for details. GROSS ITS ALLIE'S BIRTHDAY
Category: Germany Chat Rooms

Sasou_Valley SorceryNet

Chat Room - 2 users - 64 minutes ago - current topic: An adult freeform role-playing game with both fantasy and sci-fi elements. Players MUST be over 18. Please check out the information on the site. UPDATE: WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS AT THIS TIME!

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