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Encryption Chat Rooms

Categories:  Computers  >  Security  >  Cryptography  >  Encryption
 Computers  >  Security  >  Encryption

cybersecurity[m] freenode

Chat Room - 432 users - 98 minutes ago - current topic: Discussion of security, privacy & laws pertaining to cyberspace. Topics include the use of physical security along with privacy-enhancing software and operating systems for isolation, identity protection, encryption, pseudonymity & anonymity with an emphasis on censorless, decentralized, distributed peer-to-peer & mesh networks. | [m]?
Category: Security Chat Rooms

sslMasterRace LizardIRC

Chat Room - 2 users - 88 minutes ago - current topic: The channel for the Secure Sockets Layer Master Race - We're better than you because we use encryption :D | If you want to join this channel, simply connect to IRC using a secure (SSL) connection. Or use | If you're offended by the channel name, sorry. See
Category: SSL Chat Rooms

attitude odennet

Chat Room - 28 users - 86 minutes ago - current topic: TO AOP #REVENGE -AOP request type !aop or !aop NEWS: we got new links that support 128 encryption client connection. it still under observation. NEW LINKS: You can try /s -m port 6667-7000. 4GB ram, 1GB connection speed. please take care.**SERVER ODENNET.DYNDNS.ORG PORT 6668 OFFICIALLY OPEN**

iOS_Security CrushAndRun

Chat Room - 2 users - 94 minutes ago - current topic: Ask for help here if you have questions about the security of the iOS ecosystem, iDevice hardware encryption, the security of iCloud, Keychain, Touch ID, as well as everything else related to iOS security
Category: iOS Security Chat Rooms

CipherShed OFTC

Chat Room - 6 users - 98 minutes ago - current topic: CipherShed: On-the-fly disk encryption || || || Stick around! We'll respond eventually || TrueCrypt Audit Completed:
Category: Cryptography Chat Rooms

topic-security CrushAndRun

Chat Room - 2 users - 94 minutes ago - current topic: Ask for help here if you have questions about the choice of ciphers, the strength of passwords, encryption algorithms and cipher modes as well as everything related with security
Category: Security Chat Rooms

columbus2600 freenode

Chat Room - 4 users - 98 minutes ago - current topic: Next meeting: 3 Mar | Hacking, hacker culture, encryption, spying & surveillance, privacy, crypto-currencies, netsec, malware, lockpicking, cyber law, hacktivism, net-neutrality, etc.
Category: Columbus Chat Rooms

#privacy freenode

Chat Room - 10 users - 98 minutes ago - current topic: Discussions about privacy concerns. Remember, when using third parties, encryption is not enough, but zero knowledge as well, end-to-end encryption, as provided by X.509, PGP or OTR

#OTR freenode

Chat Room - 6 users - 98 minutes ago - current topic: Off-the-record encryption with forward secrecy | What chat client has an OTR plugin available?

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