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emacs freenode

Chat Room - 999 users - current topic: "The greatness of Emacs lies not in being more enlightened than any other editor, but rather in her ability to repair her faults." -- Alexis de Tocqueville | If muted, PM an op (see /cs ACCESS #emacs LIST) | Emacs questions trump off-topic chatter, so ask! | No public logging! What happens in #emacs stays in #emacs | No racism, sexism, xenophobia, botwanking, or other asshattery.
Category: Emacs Chat Rooms

emacs-beginners freenode

Chat Room - 43 users - current topic: See for tips, code of conduct | Go ahead and ask your Emacs question. People will reply if they can. It might take a while, so please be patient. | Treat people with respect. No sexism, racism, homophobia, or discrimination of any kind. |
Category: Emacs Chat Rooms

emacs-es freenode

Chat Room - 10 users - current topic: Emacs 25.2 pretest 2 || || Se buscan revisores para Introducción a Emacs Lisp en Español ||
Category: Emacs Chat Rooms

haskell-emacs freenode

Chat Room - 36 users - current topic: All things Haskell ∩ Emacs | | | |
Category: Haskell Emacs Chat Rooms

emacs-offtopic freenode

Chat Room - 4 users - current topic: Offtopic Overflow from #emacs | Take Emacs questions to #emacs | Treat people with respect. No sexism, racism, homophobia, or other bigotry.
Category: Emacs Chat Rooms

emacs-elpy freenode

Chat Room - 9 users - current topic: Emacs Python Development Environment | | If no one is active, do ask in #emacs, too!
Category: Emacs Chat Rooms

emacs-circe freenode

Chat Room - 31 users - current topic: Circe, a Client for IRC in Emacs. | The only true IRC editor. |
Category: Emacs Chat Rooms

clojure-emacs freenode

Chat Room - 21 users - current topic: Dedicated to CIDER, clojure-mode and all things that make hacking Clojure on Emacs better!
Category: Clojure Emacs Chat Rooms

emacs-elixir freenode

Chat Room - 17 users - current topic: Welcome to the emacs-elixir channel; known from mentions on the Elixir Fountain Podcast!
Category: Emacs Elixir Chat Rooms

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