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#electronics freenode

Chat Room - 671 users - current topic: | Introductory electronics eBook: | Battery information: | Soldering: || Official channel language: Glaswegian || "we established this earlier, a diode diodes, a transistor transits and transistors transistors ..."
Category: Electronics Chat Rooms

calibre freenode

Chat Room - 18 users - current topic: calibre E-book management ( Inofficial user-to-user support channel, no devs here. Don't ask to ask. Just ask and stick around as we might not always be around. PDF conversion sucks? Can't be helped. PDF sucks.
Category: Cali Chat Rooms

bookz Undernet

Chat Room - 471 users - current topic: The fountain of Knowledge! | !ebook-naming !list @find @search @seek !seen | You are advised to use Common Sense! | Join #creative_minds for discussion
Category: Books Chat Rooms

philalethia EFnet

Chat Room - 37 users - current topic: ☉⛤ philosophy/Pythagoreanism/Platonism | Know thyself |

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