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spacefm freenode

Chat Room - 6 users - 37 minutes ago - current topic: SpaceFM File Manager v1.0.5 | udevil v0.4.4 | SpaceFM Site: | Download: | udevil Site: | Download: | Channel for general chat
Category: Science Fiction Chat Rooms

sgrub freenode

Chat Room - 6 users - 37 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to #sgrub! Don't ask to ask a question, just ask and if anyone's awake they'll help. ** Don't just leave if you don't get an immediate response, wait a while. ** Super GRUB2 Disk 2.00s2 released, You can download it from

snorenotify freenode

Chat Room - 4 users - 37 minutes ago - current topic: Available since January | Snorenotify is a multi platform Qt notification framework. Using a plugin system it is possible to create notifications with many different notification systems on Windows, Mac OS and Unix and mobile Devices.

kvm freenode

Chat Room - 323 users - 37 minutes ago - current topic: KVM wiki website is - try status and faq pages, no really, read them! || you can also check the qemu manual at || don't paste on chan, use instead || libvirt/virt-manager support is #virt on
Category: Linux Chat Rooms

ubuntu-it freenode

Chat Room - 33 users - 37 minutes ago - current topic: Canale italiano ufficiale di supporto per Ubuntu | Regolamento e info registrazione: | Non incollare in canale, usare | Log del canale: | È uscita Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark: |
Category: Ubuntu Chat Rooms

nethunter freenode

Chat Room - 37 users - 37 minutes ago - current topic: NetHunter - The Mobile Penetration Testing Platform | NetHunter v3.0 Released | Download: | Wiki: | Help us improve our supported hardware list - PRs welcome!

nixos freenode

Chat Room - 718 users - 37 minutes ago - current topic: Share the output of nix-shell -p nix-info --run nix-info to help us help you. || || Latest NixOS: || Latest Nix: || Logs: || #nixos-dev, #nix-darwin, #nixos-aarch64
Category: NixOS Chat Rooms


Chat Room - 6 users - 37 minutes ago - current topic: -=P=S=x=R=A=R=- /\OX ( ) Live in your world, download in ours. !list, !help, !rules | Reg ur nick, guest nicks disallowed. Serve back what u leech, tuts here: |
Category: Playstation X Chat Rooms

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