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CCommand Line Chat Rooms

line DALnet

Chat Room - 2 users - current topic: Welcome to #Line

on.line IRCnet

Chat Room - 2 users - current topic: No topic

chat-line IRCnet

Chat Room - 2 users - current topic: No topic
Category: Chat Chat Rooms

bash Undernet

Chat Room - 6 users - current topic: An A-Z Index of the Bash command line for Linux. ( )
Category: Bash Chat Rooms

clay OFTC

Chat Room - 5 users - current topic: "Official channel for Clay - unofficial standalone command line player for Google Play Music. com/and3rson/clay>"

ledger freenode

Chat Room - 62 users - current topic: Ledger, the command-line double-entry accounting program | Home: | Bug tracker: | Mail list: | FAQ: | Channel help: | Gitter:
Category: Finance Chat Rooms

aerc freenode

Chat Room - 15 users - current topic: aerc - command line email - - Stick around a while, your question might not be answered immediately

cmdln freenode

Chat Room - 7 users - current topic: The Command Line Podcast

gpg4win freenode

Chat Room - 18 users - current topic: Gpg4win 3.1.5 Released! See | If no one responds here about a problem try sending a mail to | For command line / general GnuPG Questions you can also ask in #gnupg | If you have trouble posting to this channel directly message one of the channel operators. |
Category: Gpg4Win Chat Rooms

climagic freenode

Chat Room - 37 users - current topic: Welcome to #climagic, where we talk about command line tips/tricks for Linux, BSD and other Unix-like OSes. It may take a bit of time for someone to respond in the channel, don't be discouraged by that because we'd love to chat with you. Special thanks to JCaesar, Tsutsukakushi and normod for being awesome!
Category: Command Line Chat Rooms

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