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CBasic Chat Rooms

#c++-basic freenode

Chat Room - 182 users - current topic: We welcome C++ questions. No real C++ question is too stupid or too noobish. The only way to learn is to ask (just ask and stick around for someone to answer). | C questions: ##c or ##c-basic; other C++: ##c++-social, ##c++-general | Post your test case to or | See also
Category: C Basic Chat Rooms

#c-basic freenode

Chat Room - 24 users - current topic: Welcome! No C question is too noobish here! | Post ALL code to a pastebin | Books: | Awesome: | "C is like Norway. Tough and dynamic, but not very exciting."
Category: C Basic Chat Rooms

basic IRCnet

Chat Room - 2 users - 39 minutes ago - current topic: No topic
Category: Basic Chat Rooms

Basic AnonOps

Chat Room - 2 users - 38 minutes ago - current topic: still in progress || #Nightwing
Category: Basic Chat Rooms

h DALnet

Chat Room - 3 users - 39 minutes ago - current topic: H (named aitch or haitch, plural aitches) is the eighth(8th) letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet..

Chat-Friends DALnet

Chat Room - 10 users - 39 minutes ago - current topic: Welcome to #Chat-Friends | Basic rules: Use English.. and don't be a total asshole!
Category: Friendship Chat Rooms DALnet

Chat Room - 15 users - 39 minutes ago - current topic: -=Welcome to ENGLISH ONLY in here or meet the K\B=- Helping Channels=- Basic #help, #irchelp, #mirc - Services: #dalnethelp - IRCop/Password: #operhelp - Virus/Hack: #nohack, #virusfree - Scripts: #scripting, #helpdesk, #eggdrops Non IRC: #dragonrealm VISIT
Category: IRC Chat Rooms

#ecology freenode

Chat Room - 8 users - current topic: :: Man and Biosphere Programme :: What's ecology ? :: Basic ecological terms :: Encyclopedia of earth :: Reports on progress twrd sustainable forest management :: Linux Ecology-HOWTO
Category: Ecology Chat Rooms

#photoshop freenode

Chat Room - 38 users - current topic: Welcome to Freenode's ##Photoshop .:. ON & OFF-Topic Discussion(s) welcomed .:. We'll also help with basic mIRC/Services related questions .:. Please feel free to IDLE as we rebuild our group! Channel issues - see ##Help .:. Also you may like ##WebDev .:. Thanks!!
Category: Photoshop Chat Rooms

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