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Category:  Media  >  Audio

debian-multimedia OFTC

Chat Room - 43 users - current topic: discussions of packaging issues for audio and video applications |​ http:/​/​wiki.​debian.​org/​DebianMultimedia |​ Please help with Bugs: http:/​/​deb.​li/​itGsE |​ http:/​/​pet.​debian.​net/​pkg-multimedia/​pet.​cgi |​ not related to deb-multimedia.​org
Category: Debian Multimedia Chat Rooms

zeonic-corps Rizon

Chat Room - 5 users - current topic: ​#Zeonic-Corps|​ R.​I.​P.​ Deacon_​Blues |​ Keeping our composure since 2004! 2014; 10 year anniversary!|​ ZC Fansubs: Mobile Suit Gundam (0079) - [DVD/​JP audio/​ENG sub]: http:/​/​bit.​ly/​1jq2aQx |​ [Blu-ray/​JP+ENG audio/​ENG sub]: http:/​/​x.​co/​4qBO7

ocp freenode

Chat Room - 8 users - current topic: OpenCubicPlayer :: This is a slow channel,​ if you ask a question,​ don't expected immediate answers :: FreeBSD -> audio/​ocp :: http:/​/​stian.​cubic.​org/​coding-ocp.​php :: original project -> http:/​/​www.​cubic.​org/​player/​ :: Version 0.​1.​21 is out

libaudioverse freenode

Chat Room - 3 users - current topic: Discussion of Libaudioverse,​ a library for audio synthesis (http:/​/​github.​com/​camlorn/​libaudioverse).​ I (camlorn) don't monitor this channel unless you ping me,​ so make sure to include my name in questions directed my way
Category: Ireland Chat Rooms

caraudio freenode

Chat Room - 4 users - current topic: The Car Audio Chat Network by CarAudioForum.​com.​ Registration Emails are broken.​ They won't be fixed because the only person who has access to fix them is unavailable.​ |​ tobz: i do not have a swiss army knife
Category: Media Chat Rooms

kvr freenode

Chat Room - 6 users - current topic: http:/​/​www.​kvraudio.​com |​ Virtual Instrument /​ VST /​ Audio Production /​ Midi Chat |​ Free VST Thread - http:/​/​www.​kvraudio.​com/​forum/​viewtopic.​php?f=​1&t=​427114 |​ If there is no reply right away,​ stick around.​

Ayuda_​Internet IRC-Hispano

Chat Room - 25 users - current topic: iRC · SmartPhones (Android-iOS-BB) · Redes Sociales · Diseño · Audio & Vídeos · DSL-Redes Inalámbricas · HTML5-PHP-WordPress-Joomla · Sistemas Operativos · Hardware · www.​Ayuda-Internet.​Net
Category: Internet Chat Rooms

lau freenode

Chat Room - 26 users - current topic: ]|​ Linux Audio Users |​[ General support.​ Hardware,​ Distribution,​ Software,​ etc.​.​.​ All questions and languages welcome here |​ Quite new place,​ we need team people,​ you're welcome if you know a bit

4u-project Rizon

Chat Room - 28 users - current topic: 4U-project official channel.​ NO XDCC! Audio-4U Blog: http:/​/​audioforyou.​anisource.​net/​ For russian chat please use: ​#doujinfans.​ru or PM Lighter.​ Feel free to request seeding/​whatever.​

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