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orgcrime Omerta

Chat Room - 162 users - current topic: Official Omerta Organised Crimes Channel |​ English only |​ No spamming users/​ops |​ No buying/​selling/​trading HPs/​money/​dc (24hrs ban if you do) |​ No 100% Caps |​ Questions =​> ​#Help |​ No repeats,​ once every minute is enough |​ No advertising |​ Violate the rules =​> kicked/​ban |​ No amsg in official channels!

PokeInfinity AtomicEdge

Chat Room - 9 users - current topic: <=​|​ Welcome to Pokemon Infinity's chat! Invite your friends! No spam and no advertising please,​ even advertising through private messages is not allowed.​ Feel free to ask for help if you need it.​|​=​> A full list of rules can be found here http:/​/​forum.​pokemoninfinity.​com/​viewtopic.​php?f=​16&t=​192 |​ Hug people at your own risk!
Category: Pokémon Chat Rooms

tnp EsperNet

Chat Room - 19 users - current topic: Welcome to The North Pacific IRC! |​ No advertising! |​ The forum is: http:/​/​s13.​zetaboards.​com/​tnp/​index |​ This channel is public.​ |​ Channel Record: 65 |​ This channel is to be applied in a reasonable manner |​ Happy Birthday Raven! |​ Quote of the Month: <@Eluvatar> I don't think putting a hat on an ocean makes it any drier

suna.​tw Rizon

Chat Room - 13 users - current topic: e-Sim Suna Taiwan National channel |​|​ 歡迎來到 Suna 伺服器台灣國家頻道 |​|​ Suna台灣FB社團:https:/​/​goo.​gl/​yBDf5O |​|​ 新手教學:http:/​/​goo.​gl/​R5WCZ3 |​|​ SUNA-黑市頻道 ​#sutrade |​|​ SUNA-台灣軍用頻道 ​#TaiwanArmy.​suna (內有報時機器人歡迎蒞臨) |​|​NO SPAMMING /​ ADVERTISING or BAN
Category: Sun Chat Rooms

petrajaya DALnet

Chat Room - 107 users - current topic: !start for start game,​ says the rules for ​#petrajaya are as follows: No Swearing,​ Repeating,​ Flooding the channel with text/​nick/​join or part,​ Advertising,​ Sexual Attitudes,​ Harassing Users,​ Excessive Caps,​ Offensive Nicks,​ Clones,​ Auto Greets,​ or Op Begging.​Have Fun Here

pokeinfinity-int AtomicEdge

Chat Room - 4 users - current topic: Topic for ​#PokeInfinity-int is: Welcome to Pokemon Infinity's chat! Invite your friends! No spam & no advertising please.​ http:/​/​blog.​pokemoninfinity.​com/​?p=​346 You can speak languages other than english here.​ This channel is not for chatting in,​ unless it's not in english!
Category: Pokémon Chat Rooms

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