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1 users – 102 minutes ago – No topic
scan IRCnet


3 users – 102 minutes ago – Canale antivandalismo it-Wikimedia wiki |​ help,​ voice,​ info or staff: ​#countervandalism |​ Vedi anche: ​#wikipedia-it-vandalism |​ <https:/​/​it.​wikibooks.​org> <https:/​/​it.​wikinews.​org> <https:/​/​it.​wikiquote.​org> <https:/​/​it.​wikisource.​org> <https:/​/​it.​wikiversity.​org> <https:/​/​it.​wiktionary.​org> <https:/​/​scn.​wikipedia.​org> <https:/​/​scn.​wiktionary.​org>
cvn-it-scan freenode


3 users – 102 minutes ago – Welcome to countervandalism channel of Bangla Wikimedia projects.​ Here you can monitor all edits from all Bangla Wikimedia projects.​ For Bangla Wikipedia visit ​#wikipedia-bn |​ Enjoy your stay.​
Brunei Chat Roomscvn-bn-scan freenode


1 users – 102 minutes ago – No topic
dumber.​scan QuakeNet


7 users – 101 minutes ago – www.​nohack.​net |​ FREE virus Scan: http:/​/​quickscan.​bitdefender.​com/​ & http:/​/​www.​f-secure.​com/​en_​EMEA/​security/​security-lab/​tools-and-services/​online-scanner/​index.​html |​ Free AV: www.​free-av.​com |​ Windows Update: www.​windowsupdate.​com
Hacking Chat RoomsNoHack DALnet


1 users – 101 minutes ago – General computer help channel,​ just ask your question & dont msg anyone without asking.​ Keep Windows patched: http:/​/​windowsupdate.​microsoft.​com - Online scan for viruses: http:/​/​housecall.​trendmicro.​com/​housecall/​start_​corp.​asp Online scan for trojans: http:/​/​www.​windowsecurity.​com/​trojanscan
Help! DALnet


20 users – 102 minutes ago – SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) |​ Homepage: http:/​/​www.​sane-project.​org |​ Current versions: sane-backends 1.​0.​19 |​ sane-frontends 1.​0.​14 |​ If you can only scan as root on Linux,​ read README.​linux: http:/​/​www.​sane-project.​org/​README.​linux |​ Please be patient,​ we'll answer you if we're around.​
sane freenode


4 users – 102 minutes ago – Welcome to the IRC channel of Bangla Wikipedia.​ Feel free to ask for help or any questions.​ If you don't find anyone here please go to http:/​/​bit.​ly/​bnwikihelp,​ and ask your questions there; someone will help you soon.​ Join ​#cvn-bn-scan to patrol recent changes of all Bangla Wikimedia projects.​ Enjoy your stay!
Wikipedia Brunei Chat Roomswikipedia-bn freenode


3 users – 102 minutes ago – (/​ .​□.​)\ ︵╰(゜Д゜)╯︵ /​(.​□.​ \) Bienvenue sur le canal IRC de la Team ToLoveScan |​ Site : http:/​/​to-love-scan.​eklablog.​com/​ rejoignez-nous ! Dernier chapitre : MM 26 et TLRD 55 v2
​#ToLoveScan freenode

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